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Little Blue Truck's Beep-Along Book Board book – August 18, 2015 by Alice Schertle (Author)

Little Blue Truck is my 16 month old’s absolute favorite book, so as soon as I learned of this book I put in a preorder for it and have been anxiously awaiting it for months. I don’t think I had unreasonable expectations. .. I was expecting a book similar in quality to the original Little Blue Truck book and this one is unfortunately lacking in so many areas:-The plush is cheap. Cheap cheap cheap. I’ve attached a photo so you can see the craftsmanship that went into sewing the parts of this plush together. The wheels stick out sideways, the front bumper is off-center and sits crooked, the headlights don’t line up. .. it’s a plush, I get it. But I’ve seen better quality carnival prizes. Sorry. -"I beep!" Okay, you beep in dog-toy-squeaker style but your squeaker is set so far back into the plush that it requires way too much force to get any sound out of the truck. My son cannot squeak this book. I barely can. -There are only eight pages. In all fairness this was disclosed in the product listing but it’s still a bit of a disappointment. The book reads from start to finish in roughly two minutes. We might be able to stretch that out longer if we could get the truck to beep without having to almost punch it. -The pages, although the same thickness as the original Little Blue Truck book, are not nearly as durable. My son has put that book through its paces over the last several months and it is still going strong. It looks loved, but is readable. I sat down with my son to read this book and within seconds he grabbed a page to turn it and bent it in half. The fact that there’s a huge cutout in the middle of the book does nothing good for its structural integrity and this should have been considered when designing a book for this age group. The story line of the book isn’t really a story line at all – it’s Little Blue Truck themed phrases set to the tune of "If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. " This is actually a cute concept and would be a fun read/sing along if the book itself wasn’t so infuriating. My son gets frustrated with this book so we have shelved it for the time being. I really wanted to love this book but sadly cannot recommend it. I highly recommend the original Little Blue Truck book but would skip this one unless improvements are made to the quality and durability of it. Check it out!

About the Author ALICE SCHERTLE is a poet and the author of many well-loved books for children, including the beloved, best-selling Little Blue Truck series,Very Hairy Bear, Button Up!, and All You Need for a Snowman. She lives in Plainfield, Massachusetts.Jill McElmurry is the illustrator of many picture books, including When Otis Courted Mama by Kathi Appelt and the best-selling Little Blue Truck series, written by Alice Schertle. She divides her time between the wide landscape of New Mexico and a green island in Minnesota. Visit her at

Little Blue Truck’s Beep-Along Book Board book – August 18, 2015 by Alice Schertle (Author) Review

Update: 11/20/15 – My original review is below. In the end, my grandson never played with this book beyond the first week. It sits in the bookcase taking up way too much room. Because it is not used at all, I have dropped my rating from a three to a two star. While my grandson enjoys beeping the truck, all of the original charm of "The Little Blue Truck" has been lost in this book. It is the same author and the same illustrator but it was so different, I had to check to see if someone else had taken over. As I read the book to him, all I could think is that the sing-song of the story was to the tune of "If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. " While that is a favorite of my grandson’s, it is not at all what I expected from the Little Blue series of books. It also had a feeling of a quick slap-together rather a well-thought out children’s story. As I mentioned, my grandson likes it but not in the same way he does the first two board books in the series. With those books, when he comes to visit me, he runs to my bookcase and looks for them and pulls them out to bring to me to read. He sits on my lap and waits with a gleam in his eyes for certain parts of the stories to be read. One or the other is always his choice of a book before nap or bedtime with me. They are so special, his mother and father will not get a copy for him at home. They want it to be for just the two of us. With this book, he sat my himself and beeped the horn. I got him to sit with me for one reading and then he tossed the book aside. I had pre-ordered this book as soon as I saw it was available. I wish I could recommend it as highly as the first two but unfortunately, I cannot. It is okay but just okay. -Read Reviews-

My daughter LOVES Little Blue Truck. I bought her this book for Christmas and she’s going to love it!Unlike the other reviews, mine came in without being smushed. The plush looks fine; it all lines up correctly.

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