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Little Blue Truck Leads the Way board book Board book – July 7, 2015 by Alice Schertle (Author)

We received the original Little Blue Truck book as a baby shower gift before our son was born. There were days where we read the original to our son at least five times, so when I came across this, I ordered it just to add something new to the mix. My son loves trucks, buses, airplanes, fire engines, motorcycles, and the like, so this story is really perfect for him. The story itself has a pretty good message, all these vehicles on the road that are rude and inconsiderate cause a traffic jam, but Little Blue helps them understand that everyone will get along just fine if everyone slows down and waits their turn. That the book doesn’t end with "Beep Beep Beep" seems like a missed opportunity, but my son makes sure to say it every time we read it anyway. My son’s favorite book is a toss up between this and the original Little Blue Truck. Both are very fun, and at this point he’s memorized many of the words to each. Check it out! Review Product Description Zooom! Wooeeee…! “Make way!” The big city sure is a speedy, noisy place for a country truck like Blue. Everywhere Blue looks, he sees buses, police cars, taxis, vans, a street sweeper, and even the mayor’s limousine. With everyone pushing to be first, soon there’s a giant traffic jam! But even a wrangle-tangle is no match for Little Blue Truck, who comes to the rescue in true Blue style. Brimming with bright colors, sounds, and city energy, this new adventure makes working together and taking turns more fun than ever. A Look Inside Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (Click on Images to Enlarge) Zooom! Roared trucks down the avenue. Whooee…went a siren. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way board book Board book – July 7, 2015 by Alice Schertle (Author) Review

This is the second "Little Blue Truck" book by the same two author and illustrator. My 18 month old grandson absolutely loves the first "The Little Blue Truck" though he seems to like the pushy dump truck best of all. This is another good book in the series. It is a little over long for him to sit through – he usually gives up at about the time the mayor starts his speech. Can’t say I blame him – politicians can put me to sleep, too. I think when he is a bit older he will want to hear the whole story but in the meantime, when he arrives at my house in the morning, these are the two books he grabs first to have me read to him. The story is very cute (and Little Blue saves the day "Beep, beep, beep") and the illustrations are so much fun – especially the mean looking eyes on all of the other vehicles. I never realized how much expression could be given to the front grill of a vehicle. Reading time is so special – he isn’t a cuddly child – more of a rambunctious one but he does like to sit on my lap on the rocking chair and have me read him stories pretty much all day long. Unless it is diaper change or nap time, I always make sure to read to him when he wants it. Reading to and then later having your child read to you or to themselves is a fantastic gift. I love this book for young children and look forward to seeing another book (hopefully) in the near future. -Read Reviews-

A huge disappointment compared with the previous book. Too many pages of unvaried material, doesn’t have the cute factor of the other one (no animals), and the story doesn’t make sense and is very convoluted compared with the other one. If you’re looking for a good sequel to the Little Blue Truck, this is not what you’re looking for.

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