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LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor, Great for Colored Pencils, Gray

I bought this pencil sharpener hoping it would work but had no idea it would be so great!! I have never seen a pencil sharpener that would automatically stop when it was sharp. I sharpened my whole box of colored pencils and every wooden pencil in view, and every one was perfect. I am 75 years old, been working with children forever. Usually the electric pencils sharpeners keep going and the children end up with a stub. (Kids love the pencil sharpeners!! Great entertainment!). But I was thrilled to see how well this worked, and immediately told all my family and friends and the Children’s minister at the church that they should buy one. By the way, I was not given this sharpener in return for my review. I bought and paid it–and I would buy it again. I don’t understand how it got bad reviews, unless they got a defective one. Mine works perfectly. Check it out!

LINKYO Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener Helical rotating drill design – Eliminates uneven, lopsided sharpening. Don't you just hate it when the pencil's tip is not sharpened evenly? Well, never again with LINKYO. Heavy Duty Steel – Optimal life time sharpening up to 3000 times Electrically powered – AC 100-250v, 50/60Hz Table Mount Vertical space saving design fits comfortably on any size desk Large transparent Shavings Reservoir – Allows you to see when the shavings need to be emptied Auto Jam-Release Patented Gear Design – If a jam occurs, simply push the pencil down to release Smart Sharpening Sensor – Sharpener sensing technology powers down when pencil reaches the perfect sharpness Safety Guard Technology – Automatically shuts down if the lid is removed Anti-slip Silicon Base – Keeps the sharpener in place during use

LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener with Automatic Smart Sensor, Great for Colored Pencils, Gray Review

I purchased this sharpener for our school, and I loved it from the moment I first used it. It makes a whirrr sound as it does the heavy sharpening, and then when the pencil is sharp it makes a lighter, less-engaged sound, indicating the pencil could be removed. We gave it a good work-out, often sharpening several pencils one after another, and I have been so pleased to have an indicator of the pencil being sharp so that we do not waste time and resources checking or over-sharpening our pencils. I also had grown very tired of broken pencil leads from manual sharpeners with mis-calibrated blades. So, though more expensive, this was worth the peace of mind!I have had this sharpener for about a two weeks now, and today after sharpening a few pencils I noticed that it it started to seize up when a pencil would be inserted, and no longer would sharpen. It is obviously listed as "heavy duty", ready to handle the sharpening of many pencils. They promise a 100% guarantee of satisfaction; I am waiting to see what they have to say and will update my review accordingly. -Read Reviews-

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Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener designed for classroom, office and high volume use

Automatic smart sharpening sensor ensures the cutter stop when pencil is sharp

Helical steel cutter produces safe and perfect rounded point

Auto Jam release design

Extra large reservoir holds up to 100 shavings

While I wouldn’t call this product "heavy duty", due to the fact that it is made of thin plastic and is very lightweight and kind of "sensitive", it has been a wonderful addition to my 6th grade classroom!! I didn’t deduct a star for the reason state above because it really is that fantastic! Today, someone thought it’d be a smart idea (or maybe funny) to shove a broken staple into the sharpener. My students were able to identify the issue through the clear plastic sides (genius design) and also quickly realized they could detach the sharper from the shavings catcher with a small screwdriver. In minutes we had the thing broken down into 6+ pieces and reassembled again. This sharpener gives a perfect sharpen all the way around the pencil at lightning speed. It is small and would be perfect for at home use, at the office, and in a classroom. It has been 6th grader tested, and approved!! BUY!

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