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Life On A Rock

I have collected most of Kenny’s CDs and have the last 5 as well as his first and others in between. It’s amazing to see how his music has changed over the years since the early 1990s. He sounded real country then. Now he sounds real. This CD is particularly the real Kenny Chesney and a must for all of his fans and collectors. His love of the islands and the sea comes through so beautifully. His songs really express that. We have heard a bit of it on earlier CDs, but this is really it. It’s hard to single out one particular song I like best, but I’ll tell you about some of them. Who can miss the terrific “Spread the Love” with Elan and the Wailers. It’s just a beautiful sentiment in a beautiful song with a beautiful setting. His memory song to his friend Kristy is very moving. “Lindy” is terrific for it’s message. it sounds like just repetitive lines, but one tells the whole story- “Lindy’s seen it all- Storms and hurricanes, some say he’s insane. No one knows his last name- But I believe he’s the salt of the earth- Just look past his dirty shirt- And you will see just what he’s worth. ” What a great message to us all to look beneath the surface before we judge someone. “Coconut Tree” is cute and fun. “It’s That Time of Day” is a nostalgic reminder that even the best things must come to an end, but it doesn’t have to be forever. It’s so clear that Kenny loves this place and the music he has made there. The liner notes are beautiful, too!It’s his best so far. I can’t wait to see his next. Buy “Life On a Rock”- you won’t regret it. Check it out!

The biggest ticket seller in country music and among the elite touring artists in the world, Kenny Chesney will have performed 101 stadium concerts after this summer’s tour. He is a CMT and AMA Artist of the Year, a four-time CMA Entertainer of the Year, and a four-time ACM Entertainer of the Year. Chesney has 24 # 1 Singles and has sold more than 30 million albums. Chesney’s ‘No Shoes Nation’ Tour kicks off in Tampa on March 16th and will celebrate a summer of music,friends and good times when his 14th studio album, Life on a Rock, hits stores on April 30th. Co-produced with long time collaborator Buddy Cannon, Life on a Rock captures the thematic core of the 10 song set that’s been recorded and mixed in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Jamaica, Key West, London and Nashville, ennessee. Life on a Rock boasts 8 tracks co-written by Chesney and promises to be an extremely personal album. The lead single, Pirate Flag, was USA Today’s Song of the week before it hit radio on January 31st. It’s Chesney’s record-extending eighth song to open in the Top 25 in the Nielsen era and shows no signs of slowing down.

Life On A Rock Review

I’ve never listened to Kenny’s records until “Hemingway’s Whisky”. I bought that one for the Guy Clark Cover. I really enjoyed most of the songs on that recording. Reading reviews of this new recording’ many reviews complain that he is trying to rip off Jimmy Buffet. I see this recording as an artist that has grown and became a better songwriter. He has chosen great songwriters to record on many of his other recordings, and I am happy to see most of the songs on this record are written mostly by himself or co-written. I believe the years of recording other songwriters and understanding the art, he has himself become a good songwriter also. The fact this recording is very “Island” sound should not take anything away from the good songwriting that is on this record. “Write what you know. ” Apparently , Kenny has spent a lot of time in the Islands and has found inspiration from those places. The songs sound very genuine and honest of a feeling and a place. I titled this review A1A, because the first true “Island” recording of Jimmy Buffet was his album “A1A”. It is also my personal favorite Jimmy Buffet record. Combining Country and Island feel is not a new thing and many artist try to do that. I say this record is one of the best and is as perfect as Jimmy Buffet’s “A1A’ . … I just hope Kenny doesn’t try and do a “Volcano” record next. -Read Reviews-

An author I like kept referring to Kenny Chesney songs in her books, so I thought "Well, if I like the author’s writing style, maybe I’ll like her musical tastes. ", and I was right!I picked up to KC CDs, and love them both. I never thought I’d be a Kenny Chesney fan, but am! Nice rhythm, nice beat, you can understand the lyrics, some songs have stories behind them (I google the songs). I’m listening both in my car and at home, and not tired of him yet!

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