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Legend [Vinyl]

I bought this primarily for the Blu-Ray Audio disc. Bob Clearmountain did an excellent job with the surround mix. There are instruments that previously were buried in the mix that are now heard clearly. It’s like hearing this music for the first time. I wish surround music would become more popular. With the right person (like Steven Wilson, Elliot Scheiner or BC) doing the mixing, you feel as though you were present during the recording process. Check it out!

Essential 14-track remastered collection of his best loved tracks including ‘Is This Love’, ‘Could You Be Loved’ & ‘Buffalo Soldier’. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl with a download code.

Legend [Vinyl] Review

This is cheap and sounds cheap. Had to return it. My copy sounded like a digital transfer. Cold tone. It probably didn’t help that the right channel volume was over 50% quieter than the left. I call that outright defective. This is an example of a mass produced modern pressing that completely lacks quality control. I will be looking into the 2 LP anniversary variation. Should sound much better. -Read Reviews-

The album sounds great, but the edge of Disc 1 is warped in a couple of spots. My player manages to play over the 2 or 3 warped edge spots well enough ( i listened to it multiple times to be sure so as to not have to deal with a return), but for a brand new pressing, it should be flat. A different album that I bought today from another supplier that was over 20 years old is almost perfect compared to this album. It may be that Amazon stores LP’s poorly or something, because I have received a couple of mildly warped albums from them, but none from other sources. So, buyer beware, if you get a flat one, it should sound great. Oh, and the tri-color translucent coloring looks great to match the iconic music on this double lp.

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