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Led Zeppelin I (Remastered Original CD)

For our listening pleasure, Jimmy Page has decided to remaster the Led Zeppelin catalog, beginning here in 2014 with the first three albums, all being released today, June 3rd. Page has also dug through his archives and included an extra disc of bonus material for each album. I’m glad he did, because I’ve been meaning to replace my scratched-up, worn-out CD for awhile now, and a nice new remaster hits the spot. Out of the three, Zeppelin I probably has the widest appeal, and may end up being the most sought-after. For one, it has some of the most popular, well-known, revered songs of Zeppelin’s career, including “Good Times, Bad Times,” “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Communication Breakdown,” among others. I don’t know any Zep fan who has anything but praise for these classics, and the rest of the album, too, for that matter. These four men, Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham, had a truly special kind of magic than shines through on this album, which has to be up there as one of the greatest debut albums ever, regardless of genre. I’m entirely pleased with the remaster, and I’m sure it’s going to get worn out in short order. As good as the album is, the real treat of this deluxe edition is the bonus disc. For many years, audio of Zeppelin’s 1969 show in Paris has been floating around, and was considered a treasured chronicle of the band in its early days. Now, Page has decided to release it officially, and the sound is fantastic. I’ve been listening to it up against the sound of the older bootleg, and I think it’s far superior. It’s way more listenable, cleaning up much of the noise and muddiness from what’s been available up to now. The drums are much improved, with a far more clear snare sound and the cymbals way more under control. Plant’s voice is more even in spots, correcting some of the faded vocals from the old audio. The remaster for Zeppelin II and III both have studio rough cuts, backing tracks, and alternate takes, which are great for the rabid Zeppelin fanatic, but the average fan will probably appreciate this deluxe edition the most, with the classic debut album and a brilliant live show from a young, hungry Zep from ’69. This is a great job by Page, and a good time to replace your old copy of Led Zeppelin I. Check it out!

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin I (Remastered Original CD) Review

using Audio-Technica ATH-M50S headphones purchased from amazon and a $30 jog proof CD player purchased from J&R (remember them?), the remastering is different (clearer, better) than the previous releases. I can only imagine how powerful this would be on serious audio equipment. Rather than saying the guitar loses some grit in some parts (that may be debatable – for me i think you can crank it louder now and get more immersed with the same devastating punch and clarity/dimension to subtle passages), the definition to the sound is sharper and nuances more precise than previous releases of this recording. I hear things that were barely audible in previous releases (I have about 5 different earlier releases of this album (vinyl, cassette, CD. ..) the Paris CD is new to me; the sample songs from their DVD video release some years ago provided a glimpse of the energy this band assaulted their audience with. I hate to buy the Zeppelin catalog all over again, but the treasure chest that Jimmy Page is offering this time makes this a mandatory listen for any fan. -Read Reviews-

I am by no means an audiophile, but I’ve been listening to this album for over 40 years every way possible (vinyl, cassette, CD. ..sorry no 8-Track). I listened to the remastered CD with a good set of headphones and it felt like I was hearing the songs for the very first time. I’ve always thought previous Zeppelin CDs sounded muddy. The bass was buried under Bonham’s drumming and the vocals seemed to get lost in the mix. Not this version! The separation is amazing and Robert Plant’s voice seems to float above the music like lightining. And of course Page’s virtuoso guitar work shines throughout. My favorite is Your Time Is Gonna Come, hardly one of their big hits. Because the song features keyboards, acoustic and slide guitar you can really appreciate the remaster best on this song. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the concert disc. It is what it is soundwise. But it is worth it just to hear the tremendous energy they generated on stage and I love how raw it sounds. So if you are on the fence as to whether to buy the remaster, go for it!

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