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Leatherman 61050103 Flair with Leather Belt Sheath

The Flair is just about perfect for business travellers. It is smaller than similar multi-tools and has most of the functions I need, although the cocktail fork and spreader should be retired in favor of a file. The mini screwdriver is just the thing for tightening up eyeglasses or the screws on a laptop, and the corkscrew and bottle opener have come in handy as well. I keep this tool hooked to the strap on my briefcase so it’s available on the road or in the office. Add a mini Mag Lite and you’re set. Check it out!

From the Manufacturer Leatherman has conquered yet another frontier: the picnic. The Flair has been cleverly designed to pop a wine cork, skewer a cocktail weenie, or tighten the bolts on the picnic table. It’s a versatile tool with an extra dash of style. Flair’s corkscrew and assist have a special coating to provide added durability and a unique appearance. Other accessories include needle-nose and regular pliers, wire and hard-wire cutters, straight/serrated knife, scissors, cocktail fork, spreader knife, can and bottle openers, extra-small, medium, and large screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, and 8-inch ruler. Leather belt sheath included.




Leatherman 61050103 Flair with Leather Belt Sheath Review


Many of my friends have Leatherman’s Wave, but I bought this one instead. It’s 5. 5 ounzes (compared with Wave’s 8), and still have most of the critical tools. I think the Flair is a little heavy, so I’m really glad I didn’t get the Wave. Plus, it’s the only Leatherman with a cork screw (and it’s an assisted cork screw at that)!On the downside, its internal edges aren’t as rounded as the Wave’s, making the pliars less pleasant to use. If you really want a cork screw, get this one. If you’re not sure you need it, go for The Wave and put up with the extra weight. -Read Reviews-

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16 accessories including needle-nose pliers and can opener

Specially coated corkscrew and assist

Leather belt sheath included

25-year guarantee

I confess, I’ve been using a pocket multitool for food uses for some time; they’re great for pinboning fish, scaling, cutting, gutting. ..the list goes on. When I saw the Flair, I wasn’t convinced I needed one, as my regular and pocket-sized Leatherman tools seemed to work just fine. Then I tried the corkscrew. It’s lever-assisted, so it pulls out even those tough plastic corks with ease. The tools are useful, and will cut through most picnic foods with great ease – even artisanal breads and the like. The spreader is a nice touch, but I’m not sure how useful the cocktail fork is; if I need an olive for my Martini, I don’t mind fishing around with my fingers. It’s a great gift for Foodies (people, like myself, who can tell you which side of the cow a steak came from) that they probably aren’t aware of. You never know when they’re going to find a perfect cheese, a killer pate or a great bottle of wine and want to share it with you. Don’t let a beautiful moment pass you by for lack of a way to get at the goods.

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