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League of Their Own, a (1992) / Natural, the - Set [Blu-ray]

I saw this movie soon after it was released in 1992. Never would I have guessed that years later my daughter would become an athlete and get involved in softball and baseball. She actually attended the very first "Baseball for All" that was held in Florida the summer of 2015. The awesome thing was that were actual members from those original girls baseball leagues and they were represented in the movie !!! My daughter and friend got to meet several of them – I have attached a picture. When she got back, she had to see the movie. We all really enjoyed watching. A great movie, but even more inspirational for younger girls. Check it out!


League of Their Own, a (1992) / Natural, the – Set [Blu-ray] Review

This is without a doubt, among one of the best Baseball movies ever made (IMHO), it’s got a cast full of names:Tom HanksGeena DavisLori PettyMadonnaRosie O”DonnellGarry MarshallBill PullmanWhen the war kicks up in the Pacific and in Germany, Men’s Baseball takes a hiatus so the owners of Baseball decide to initiate a woman’s Baseball league. ….."4 teams, 16 girls to a team, that’s 64 girls!"Director Penny Marshall did a great job of casting older versions of the younger players’ parts, especially Madonna’s, Geena Davis’s and Rosie O’Donnell’s characters. She also did a tremendous job of putting the older actresses and actors in the Baseball Hall Of Fame at the end of the movie next to their younger selves, it just made for a very unique and emotional experience. The Baseball scenes were very well done and all the injuries that some of the actresses received in the film were real, including the slide into third by one of them who got this real ugly looking raspberry on her thigh and Rosie’s bandage on her knee requiring several stitches. The movie was presented in widescreen and was crisp and clear in sound and picture, and contains several bonus features including Director and cast commentary, 15 deleted scenes, "Nine Memorable Innings" Documentary and Madonna’s "This used to be my playground" music video. This movie is a must have in any Baseball movie fan’s collection, it’s filled with laughs and I definitely recommend it. -Read Reviews-

The great paring of two extremely entertaining baseball films come together in this nice compact blu ray package. Both film’s transfer to Blu Ray are a huge improvement over past DVD releases and and all bonus material has been carried over to make this doubler feature elease a bargain for fans of the films. What makes this pairing even more interesting is that the theatrical versions and what could have been versions of these films had much different tones. Both films theatrical release were crowd pleasers, but watching deleted scenes and or source material and you’ll find much heavier and darker versions of these films. Personally I think they made the right decisions of both of these films. The extra baggage really didn’t fit either of stories the way they were being told. The Natural has had 2 DVD releases, the original theatrical cut and the director’s cut. Both releases had different bonus features on them. I was happy to find that all are included here. With over 2 hours of material including making of the film, changes in story, photography and the history of the book and sport, these features are some of the best I’ve seen especially on such a bargain priced package. Thankfully the superior theatrical release of the film is presented here, not the half hearted directer’s cut. A League of their Own is presented here as it was on the 20th anniversary Blu Ray, with all bonus features ported over and an excellent transfer. While both films have been criticized for being formulaic, there is no denying their entertainment value and staying power. If you’re looking to add these films to your collection, this double feature 2 disc set is a great deal.

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