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If you are interested in Lamb, be sure to give this CD a listen. I was introduced to Lamb via "Fear of Fours," but this debut is far more intricate. But, by all means, buy them both, but if you can (or will) buy only one Lamb CD, this should be it. "Fear of Fours" is better as a second course, since the evolution of a pair using live instruments, that’s right–cello, drums, etc., for trip-hop purposes is enough to warrant a long listen. The evolution of the group becomes quite clear when one compares first tracks on "Lamb" and "Fear of Fours. " "Lamb’s" opening track is nothing short of amazing ("Lusty" for the uninitiated). The quick-break beat will amaze you and make you wish the accelerator in your car would go just a little bit further down, but, to think that this track will merely aid in teenage angst and accrual of speeding tickets is a misnomer, it fits just as well playing low in a room fit for long conversations or mutually-consenting adult acrobatics. A great album. It should be the first "Lamb" to grace your shelves. Check it out!

Product Description Hailing from the U.K., Lamb includes elements of acid jazz, drum n’ bass, dub, lounge and Portishead-like hypnotic vocals. Rooted in the clubs but with tremendous pop sensibilities, Louise Rhodes and Andrew Barlow have created a harmonious amalgam of voice and machinery. To continue in the evolution of the sounds of Tricky, L.T.J. Bukam and Goldy, Lamb brings the subtle traces of English folk, rock, urban blues and even chamber music to their self-titled debut album. 1st single/video: “Goreki.” Goldie meets a caffeine-fueled Portishead on the full-length debut from a much-buzzed Manchester duo. Louise Rhodes provides the Bjork-like vocals, Andrew Barlow the complex drum & bass underpinnings. –Jeff Bateman

Lamb Review

I just got Lamb’s self titled cd yesterday and boy does it kick hard. The drum N bass sound is amazingly heavy and structured on "Lusty" and "Cotton Wool". The latter is a perfect display of contrast, yin and yang, muscular drum n bass against beautiful, silky vocals by Rhodes. At first "Cotton Wool" was a bit jolting but sure is interesting. "Zero", "Closer" and "Gold" are smoothe songs with a catchy grooves, especially "Gold". Lamb is definitly not for less adventurous listeners of mainstream music though. I highly recommended Lamb for any trip-hop and jungle fans of Portishead, Bjork, Roni Size and Goldie. An intriguing debut indeed. -Read Reviews-

Cool sounds. I love her voice.

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