Buy “KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Theraeputic Tape – 20 Pre-Cut 10" Strips, Navy Sports & Outdoors” Online

KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape - 20 Pre-Cut 10-Inch Strips

I’ve tried several different kinesiology tapes, here are the results of my head-to-head comparisons. ..In order of stretchiness:KT Tape Pro: Super stretchy spandex-type material. Dries super fast. Breathes excellently even in multiple layers. KT Tape: High-elastic content cotton. Dries reasonably fast. Adequate breathability in multiple layers. Rocktape H2O: High-elastic content cotton. Dries reasonably fast. Adequate breathability in multiple layers. Rocktape: Moderate-elastic content cotton. Takes the longest to dry but that’s still fast. Not very breathable, can feel slightly stifling in multiple layers. In order of stickiness:Rocktape H2O: Can be repositioned, and will stick just as well after repositioning. Sticks to tape well. Can be uncomfortable to remove. Rocktape: Can be repositioned, but loses some stickiness each time. Edges tend to peel up. Doesn’t stick to tape very well. Okay removal. KT Tape Pro: Can be repositioned, but won’t stick for more than a day if you do. Sticks to tape well. Easily removed. KT Tape: Cannot be repositioned, edges tend to peel. Sticks to tape adequately well. Seems more painful to remove than others. In order of longevity:Rocktape H2O: 3+ days. Stays put until you take it off. KT Tape Pro: 2-4 days. Once you get it stuck on, it stays. Less peeling than Rocktape. Rocktape: 2-4 days. Edges tend to peel up on day 2, so you’ve got to trim it down. KT Tape: 1 day. Edges and entire parts of strips peel up almost immediately. In order of support:Rocktape: Very stable support. Multiple layers offer similar support to a lightly structured brace. Useful for areas where you need a lot of stability like knees and ankles. Rocktape H2O: Stable support. Multiple layers offer similar support to a soft compression brace. Useful for areas where you need both stretch and support, better adhesion and superior stretch offers excellent ‘massage’ for sore muscles. KT Tape: Moderately stable support. Multiple layers offer similar support to a compression sleeve. KT Tape Pro: Light to moderate support. Multiple layers offer similar support to a soft compression sleeve. Useful for areas where you need flexibility first, particularly well-suited to wrists and fingers. Check it out!

KT Tape is a strong elastic sports tape that reduces pain and provides support for many common injuries. Kinesiology tape, treatments, and application techniques have been used by healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers for over thirty years. KT Tape is the first brand of kinesiology tape ever to be offered directly to consumers and is widely adopted by healthcare professionals and sports teams.

KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape – 20 Pre-Cut 10-Inch Strips Review

I previously used a lesser-known brand of kinesio tape and wanted to try this brand since it came in pre-cut strips, which would make it easier to use than having to measure every time. I’ve been using the tape for wrist tendonitis (from my desk job) and on-again-off-again knee pain (from running). The tape has been incredibly helpful in relieving pain and allowing me to continue working and running. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the effectiveness of the glue seems to vary depending on the color. Another runner had mentioned this to me before I purchased the tape and I thought that maybe she’d gotten a bad roll. Experience has shown me that some colors really do stick better than others. (Note that I am putting the tape on as recommended: applying to freshly cleaned and dried skin, so no sweat, oils, or water are getting in the way. ) I purchased the blue and purple colors at the same time and started using the blue. I noticed that within 24 hours, the ends would start to peel, despite my cutting the edges to corners as recommended in the instructional videos. The blue tape would barely last 2 days, whereas I can get 3 days out of the purple. Showering made the blue peel off more quickly. The off-brand I’d been using would usually last 3 days (and through showers) before I felt like it needed to be removed and re-applied, so I was surprised at how quickly the blue lost its grip. I continued using the purple for a few months, then recently tried the blue again to see if anything had changed. One edge has already begun to peel after only a few hours. I’ve done everything in the videos, including rubbing the tape after applying to "activate" the glue. For whatever reason, the blue just doesn’t work very well. Aside from that, I’ve been very happy with this brand and will continue to use it in the future. It’s relieved a great deal of pain from my wrist and has helped whenever pain pops up in my knee. I would (and do) recommend it others, just be aware you may need to try out a few colors before you find the best one. For what it’s worth, the other runner who recommended the tape to me said hot pink worked the best for her. I wouldn’t recommended the blue, but the purple has met my needs just fine. -Read Reviews-

The same wonderful benefits of KT Tape PRO Kinesiology Tape but with Reinforced 100% cotton sheathes that are ultra-light, durable and extra-strong

Supports like a Brace – Elastic core delivers strong support for muscles, joints and tendons without restricting comfort and range of motion

Latex Free! Comfortable to wear & Lasts 1-3 days

KT TAPE is precut and ready to apply right out of the box. 10 Precut strips have rounded corners which help to prevent the corners from snagging on things or edges fraying

Whether it’s shoulders or knees or something else, visit KT Tape’s YouTube Chanel for Easy instructions on How to Apply on any part of your body

I have been quite impressed with how these "simple" looking tapes can take pain away so quickly and effectively. I have 4 very bad discs in my back and my doctor did not recommend that I have any surgical intervention, so periodically, without doing anything strenuous (I am partially disabled), my back "goes out" and then I’m out of commission for anywhere from a few days to weeks. After trying so many treatments, meds, OTC creams, etc., I went online to see what others were trying. I came across a testimony which sounded promising, and it was using KT taping techniques, so I didn’t have anything to lose. I couldn’t get the tape quickly enough as my back had been out and with spasms and muscular pain for over a month (I was having to stand up in the classroom as I couldn’t even sit for any length of time. It came with instructions but I chose to watch a video (they offer through their website) and had my husband watch it with me. After about 25 minutes after he applied the tape, I couldn’t believe it; I was free of pain, no pain at all. I was skeptical at first, but then after several days of being able to be in any position, I still was free of pain. Amazing! I decided to use it on my feet (I have RSD of my left foot) and a "fasciitis" and neuropathic pain to my other foot. I can’t believe how it’s helped me even with that. I ordered some for my sister, who also has neuropathy (also, from a bad back). She was quite skeptical herself as she had tried so many things, but couldn’t believe she was pain free. I have told other family members about this and they, too, have been amazed as how well this tape works. Thanks for this tape. It works!

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