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Kodak F600 Advantix Zoom APS Camera

I originnally got this camera here at Amazon for my vacation to Las Vegas because, A) I figured it would be un-tourist like of me not to be shooting everything I saw, and B) it seamed to be a good excuse to finally get a camera that wasn’t made of cardboard. Well I’m here to tell ya that 90% of my pictures came out great! And considering I’ve never operated a real camera before and didn’t read the instruction manual till three hours before my first flight, I think that’s pretty damn good! Only about half of my friends’ pictures came came out OK with their cheesy cameras, and they have times more experience with photography than I. Next time I fully expect to get every picture in crystal clear clarity (after I scim the manual again) because this camera is just that good and easy to use. If you want a camera that doesn’t require a PhD in engineering to use and gets spectacular results, this is the one for you. Check it out!

Product Description Take it home for a holiday or to shoot landscapes on your next vacation. This Kodak Advantix F620 advanced photo system (APS) camera has a high-performance, one-touch, 30-60mm power zoom lens that delivers sharp photos from a close 2′ range all the way to the horizon. Features an infrared autofocus system and autoflash with fill flash, flash defeat, nightview and infinity modes up to 14′ in range. Picture quality information exchange records vital scene data on film’s magnetic strip, which the processor uses to optimize the prints’ lighting and color. Designed for point-and-shoot convenience, other automatic functions include self-timer with 10-second delay, film advance and rewind, and date/time imprinting. Five-element, f4.5-8.5 glass lens with a hybrid-aspheric construction. Uses a K123LA lithium battery, included. No. F620. Imported. 3-1/2Hx4-1/2Wx1-1/4D” The F600 Advantix camera from Kodak features a 2x zoom lens that captures portraits and group shots. Point-and-shoot simplicity and autofocusing let you take photos from 2 feet and beyond, and the flash fires automatically in low-light situations.The Kodak F600 records lighting and color data on the film’s magnetic strip for the photo lab to use when developing, and it imprints each shot with time and date information. The viewfinder displays the selected picture size for simplified camera operation. The self-timer allows you to take self-portraits or to be included in group photos. The Kodak F600 automatically advances and rewinds film, and the safety interlock prevents the film door from opening until the roll is completely rewound. A roll of Kodak Advantix color film, battery, coupon book, instructional manual, and detachable camera strap are included.Kodak offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor.




Kodak F600 Advantix Zoom APS Camera Review


The Camera is more than I expected, It is great, I just have to learn all the features us and functions` of it. Over All, I love it, plus it had a very nice case.,. BK -Read Reviews-

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30-60mm zoom lens takes portraits and group shots

Point-and-shoot operation

Advanced autofocus system captures sharp photos from any distance

Automatic flash fires in low-light situations

Film-door safety interlock prevents accidental fogging

I had an Advantix camera years ago and my Mom had one that just broke. I ordered this one on line and didn’t realize it was of such a “cheap” quality and beat up, for the price I was paying. (the online photo made it look brand new) It still works, but it sounds “rough” winding. Hopefully Mom can get through the abundant roles of advantix film she has stockpiled before it dies.

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