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Kodak 8039851 Lithium Ion Battery & Charger

If you have the Kodak DC4800 camera, an extra battery is a must-have addition to your equipment, especially if you take this camera away from convenient accessible electicity. I love the camera, but it is a major battery hog, like most digital cameras with an LCD. Having an extra battery is ABSOLUTELY essential, but I also recommend getting this kit for the charger, which will charge the DC4800 battery 3 times faster than the camera’s built-in charger. Plus, you can actually USE the camera with one battery while the other is charging. The camera’s built in cahrger does not allow you to use the AC adapter to take photographs and charge a battery simultaneously, so without an external charger you are guaranteed some down time. With this camera, it is a MUST to have an extra battery, but this kit (battery and charger) well worth it simply for the convenience. Check it out!

To charge the Kodak lithium-ion battery, just put it in the DC4800 charger and simply verify that the red indicator light is on when the charger turns on. When the green indicator light turns on, your battery is fully charged.




Kodak 8039851 Lithium Ion Battery & Charger Review


You can charge your Lithium-Ion batteries in the DC4800 without a separate charger, but you will need patience. The camera will charge a completely drained battery in about 4 hours (and you cannot use your camera while recharging). But THIS quick-charger will recharge your battery in about an hour!!And unlike the power-supply that came with my DC4800, this quick-charger is compatible with most power systems around the world. (But you will still need a plug adapter for the country you’re visiting. )(The Kodak SKU for this battery and charger combination is 803-9851. Kodak SKU for the battery only is 118-5768. ) -Read Reviews-

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Battery charges in approximately 1 hour

Full 1-year parts and labor warranty

Indicator light

This is an absolute necessity for anyone who uses their camera regularly. I would definately purchase this with the camera, because it’s worth every penny. It beats going through $5 or more at a time for alkaline batteries, as is necessary for operating other models of digital cameras. It takes so little time to charge that you can just slip the lithium battery in, stick it in the wall, and go do something else (like a big load of laundry, cook dinner, or watch a movie) and come back to the little happy green light telling you your lithium battery is all nuked up with little electrons and ready to go for your next photo session. 🙂

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