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Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara N 01.Black 6g

Wow. This mascara. I have the token Asian lashes that grow out downwards and require copious amounts of force and heat to keep curled for more than 30 minutes. After being let down time and time again by mascaras marketed towards people blessed with thick, curly lashes, I finally turned towards Heroine Make, which I heard was one of the bestselling Japanese mascaras around. I was not disappointed. The formula does lengthen and holds a good curl for well over 10 hours, though for stubborn lashes I would still recommend curling your lashes beforehand. The trick lies in the way you brush the wand through your lashes, which they describe in a cute graphic on the backside of the package. The wand itself is pretty flexible, but can clump a little bit, so I would recommend wiping off the excess mascara before using it or running a mascara comb through your lashes before the formula dries. And when it does, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT OFF. This mascara doesn’t budge. It doesn’t flake. Take this to your summer pool parties, your sweaty amusement park days, a long day at work. Your eyelashes will look fresh, dark, and curly by the time you come home. (For those with sparse, flat lashes that disappear into the lashline, YOU WILL ACTUALLY HAVE LASHES. AMAZING. )I bought the Heroine Make Mascara Remover in conjunction with this product after reading cautionary (but raving) reviews about the mascara, and trust me, it will be worth your money. Don’t trust the regular waterproof makeup removers (unless maybe it’s the Shiseido eye makeup remover which also removes everything under the sun). IN SUMMARY: Buy this mascara. Buy the remover. Buy the Thick and Curl version and layer them (thicken then lengthen), or layer them with any of your favorite volumizing mascaras. Either way, if you are struggling with limpy lashes, this will save you. YOU WILL REGRET NOTHING. Check it out!

This mascara was awarded by Cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009. It contains polymer fibers which lengthen eyelashes by 120 percent. It is a lightweight, long-lasting and curl-maintaining mascara which is waterproof and easy to apply. It also contains Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that won’t dry out your eyelashes. This mascara is has waterproof characteristics so it can be dried out easily.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara N 01.Black 6g Review

My eyelashes do not hold a curl. I used to have to resort to curling (gasp!) after my mascara had dried to ensure a curl. That along with touch ups throughout the day helped me hold a sad little curl. That’s where Kiss Me Heroin Make Long and Curl came in and saved my life. I can curl before I apply mascara and the curl stays! My lashes look amazing now. The curl stays all day. I adore this mascara and will purchase again and again! The search for that perfect mascara has finally ended! -Read Reviews-

THIS IS MY FAVORITE MASCARA EVER!I have asian lashes that are short and stick down. It’s very hard for me to find mascaras that will hold my curl (even waterproof ones sometimes don’t suffice). However, this mascara DOES IT ALL!It holds a curl, adds length, AND volume! I am so amazed by this product and am about to buy my third one. The wand is stiff and the shape of the brush is curved, so that it’s easy to apply from the base of your lashes to the top. For the people who are saying it’s too hard to take off, that’s because you have to use Heroine Mascara Remover (which is just a mascara wand without the brush). You apply it like you would a mascara, and wait 1-2 minutes for it to melt the mascara. Then, you wipe, and all of it comes off SUPER easily!I’ve also used this mascara while swimming, and it DIDN’T smudge or transfer AT ALL. Love this product SO much.

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