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Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Table Tennis Table

The table comes in two separate parts, each for one half of the table. They come together nicely. My complaint comes from two points with the hardware:Missing bolt in sliding bolt latch: When folded, each half-table surface becomes vertical and stands on the frame with the four caster wheels. This makes it easy to move the table for storage. Each half-table is supposed to have a sliding bold latch that locks it in place in the vertical position, so that it does not inadvertently fall open. However, the table I received had both bolts within the latches missing. So this is strange, since typically the hardware is installed complete, and it looked like the bolts had been pried away. The attachment of the front legs (the legs without the wheels) to the underside of the table were done rather badly–I could see the screws not being seated properly. These two points mean that when the table is opened and folded (which is how this is going to be used since it is in a space that is used for other activities), you would have to be very careful that the table doesn’t fall down by itself and no undue force is applied to the hardware that might rip out the leg attachment. Check it out!

Add the Sport of Table Tennis to Your Home The MyT4 BlackPocket Table Tennis Table is the perfect solution for countless hours of pure family fun. Equip your game room or your garage with the newest version of our all-star home edition ping pong table and experience social benefits of table tennis. With quick and easy assembly and folding, you’ll be having fun in no time! Tired of chasing a ball when you are on a streak? The new ping pong ball pocket will help you be ready for your next killer serve in an instant. The pocket can fit 8 ping pong balls, which is just the right number for one awesome ping pong play-off match. Easy as 1, 2, 3! Never worry about where you left your table tennis paddle again. Is the rubber protected? Will it be in someoneÕs way? The ping pong paddle pocket will keep your racket away from the dust and damage. So grab your paddle and challenge one of your family members for a quick, fun game! Skyrocketed in Value MyT4 BlackPocket Table Tennis Table offers an amazing deal for your money! ItÕs always been a durable, high-quality table and it just got enhanced with all the features you asked for! Shopping within the budget doesnÕt sound like a hardship this time. No limits on benefits The new design is not just about practicality. This upgraded version is all about quality, and you will notice that on a first glimpse. Thicker table frame means the ping pong table will stand up to almost anything: moving, rolling, folding, storing, and even your kids.Choose a black table tennis table and enjoy your own cool ping pong nuck. It was never easier to be the parent all the kids love and all the other parents want to be. Don’t Mess with What Works We know how to recognize the features that simply work. Some things should be left unchanged! The table comes with the clip on net post set that has proven itself to be the best fit for MyT 4 BlackPocket Table Tennis Table.

Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review

Awesome table and solid construction. From unpack to playing took less than 30 minutes. The black looks very cool. I was initially concerned that it might show marks and scratches, but so far it still looks new and is wearing very well. We upgraded from what Academy or Dick’s Sporting Goods advertises are their top model, and the Killer Spin did not disappoint. -Read Reviews-

Easy set up going from “box-to-play” in 15-minutes or less

Table top is 15-millimeter medium density fiberboard (MDF), which provides consistent bounce and minimizes warping

2x ball pockets + 2x racket pockets in the table frame

Premium clip-on steel net and post System

Folds in half for easy storing

This is a fantastic table. We LOVE it. The quality workmanship is amazing and the table is well made. A great value for what you get! Especially love the pockets to store your paddles in!!!

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