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We listen to this CD every time my twin 3-year old granddaughters are in the car. E-v-e-r-y time. Although "Shake It Off" and "All About That Bass" are their favorites, they enjoy the rest of the songs as well. As Grandma, I like the fact that all the songs sound so much like the originals but are a little more 3-year old friendly – e.g., "hella good hair" becomes "really good hair. " Although this CD is becoming seared into my brain much like the "Frozen" CD did before it, the girls love to sing along and it keeps them thoroughly entertained. I highly recommend! Check it out!


KIDZ BOP 27 Review

My 7 and 9 year old boys absolutely love the Kids Bop CDs! Whenever a new one comes out they ask for it immediately and repeatedly and this one was no exception. They listed to these CDs all the time and sing along with them. I like the fact the the lyrics are more appropriate for children than the original versions and my boys don’t seem to notice this because they are listening to the CDs over and over again and are used to hearing them this way!This particular CD actually arrived at my house cracked (the case) and I had no problem returning it. Also, as I was waiting for it to arrive, I did notice it cheaper at Shopko. So I did purchase a new one there after returning the cracked one. -Read Reviews-

I love that they have toned down versions of popular songs. Nowadays there are a lot of bad words or inappropriate words in songs. I love that Kidz Bop makes it easy for parents to buy songs for kids that are still (for the most part) safe. I also love that thru amazon you not only get the CD but digital copy (thru their music app) as well! Thanks amazon!!!

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