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Keys to the Repository Hardcover – June 29, 2010 by Melissa de la Cruz (Author)

This isn’t a Blue Bloods novel. This is more of an epistolary novel with diary entries, "declassified" files, key scenes in different point of views, and further background. In essence, it’s the book you should read if you’re still a little shaky with the mythos of Blue Bloods. When I first read Blue Bloods in 2011 (only read the first two books, I believe), I had no understanding of the Blue Bloods mythos. I thought everything was weird, shaky, and coincidental. Now that I’m re-reading the series in 2016, and after reading this book, I have a better understanding. So, essentially, in this book vampires are angels damned to Earth who go through "cycles" to earn back their place in Heaven. I’m not sure who told them that would work, but it’s what they’re doing. Their are immortal vampires, enmortal vampires, and silver bloods in this book. Immortal vampires are the vampires most people know about. They drink blood to stay alive. Our immortal vampires include Schuyler, Jack, and Mimi. The thing that differs in this mythos, though, is that these vampires have spirits that are infinitely cycled via reincarnation. Enmortal vampires are vampires that don’t go through the reincarnation process, nor do they go through cycles. They drink blood to stay alive, just like immortal vampires. This series has enmortals Lawrence and Cordelia Van Alen, both of whom are deceased. Silver bloods are vampires that feed on other vampires; namely, they drink all the blood of the vampire (meaning, the vampires’ memories) and complete the corrupting process of Consumption. This series has a few silver bloods: Kingsley Martin, Bobbi Anne and Bliss Llewellyn. This book gives you a greater look into character motivations, background, includes an index, breaks down the reasoning for why certain things happen in this book, and just seriously gives us a full view of the Blue Bloods world. Check it out!

Review Praise for the Blue Bloods series:??“De la Cruz introduces a conception of vampires far different from traditional stake-fleeing demons, coupling sly humor with the gauzier trappings of beingfanged and fabulous.”—Booklist (starred review) “Tasty and alluring.” —Kirkus Reviews “Fans came for the romance but stayed for the slow-build family and murder mysteries.”—Entertainment Weekly

Keys to the Repository Hardcover – June 29, 2010 by Melissa de la Cruz (Author) Review

I should have read the description of this book before I purchased it. It’s just a recap of everything, a few extra details and some previews of books to come. It’s completely unnecessary to the series. Anything worth reading in this book could have easily been included in the other books. It seems like it’s just an attempt for the author to make more money. -Read Reviews-

I always enjoy when an author writes a companion book to a series; and that’s exactly what this book is. It helps to have a more in-depth knowledge about the characters you begin to fall in love with. So, to have a book give us even more of an in-sight to these characters lives is just fantastic. Not to mention, when you run across a moment in a book where things just haven’t completely pieced together in your mind, to have a book to pick up from a conversation that was never completed or a situation that was vaguely explained just makes the world a difference. Thus, any unanswered questions or thoughts get resolved or continued. All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this series and it’s a great addition to the collection.

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