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Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits

Love Kenny Chesney. Love this record. My only problem was the CD I got from my seller, It was scratched up & the cover to the CD was missing. I was offered a refund though & should get it soon. But this album if you get a good copy. Is worth buying. LOL Check it out!

Product description No Description Available.Genre: Country & WesternMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 26-SEP-2000 East Tennessee-born singer Kenny Chesney has, in the course of his relatively brief career, proven to be an unremarkable but thoroughly competent singer who shows occasional flashes of brilliance when teamed with the right song. That happens roughly half the time on this 17-cut compilation disc, which, despite its title, actually includes four new songs, one rerecording, and a remix. Amid soppy country-pop chart fodder (“Me and You,” “When I Close My Eyes”) and second-rate ditties (“How Forever Feels,” “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”), Chesney hits his stride on robust country ballads like “You Had Me from Hello” and the lead single “I Lost It.” On other gems–like “That’s Why I’m Here,” a heartfelt tribute to the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program that topped the charts a while back; “Baptism,” a great duet with Randy Travis; and his fine rerecording of “Tin Man,” the song that launched his career in the mid ’90s–Chesney even manages to attain an ephemeral but utterly moving transcendence over his vocal limitations and sometimes questionable song choices. –Bob Allen




Kenny Chesney – Greatest Hits Review


My Kindle Fire was excited when I downloaded this. LOL STAR rating is very correct people! I have seen him on MANY talk shows, his specials. Missed going to his concert though. And when his the song "She thinks my tractors sexy" came out I went out to the store and bought the CD. When my son and his family and I went down south, my daughter-in-law sat up front while I was driving, we sang our hearts out to the songs. …grandson was asleep and my son kept hitting his head laughing at us. ..wonder why? NO, we didn’t sing out that loud with the baby. ..honest! I am from the south, all his songs hit home with one or the other. I really enjoy listening to his CD’s and glad for BEST OF’S!. Don’t mind re-charging my Kindle though. LOL I have many CD’s and for some reason or another, I can’t download them via Amazon. Sorry Amazon! I will not give up trying though! : )Now. ..go out and buy it or download on your reader. -Read Reviews-

Once again, I wasn’t disappointed with this CD from Kenny Chesney. The songs are familiar and grouped together well. If you’re a fan of Kenny. by all means I definitely suggest you get it. If you’re not a diehard fan yet, you will be! Some of my friends who are more into rock, heard it in my car and we’re now all going to his concert in August in Chicago. Three are now buying his CD’s. He’s a little of country-rock and all entertainment! His joy of music comes through on most of his songs and his talent is unbelieveable!

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