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KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

For Christmas this year, I wanted to get my 2. 5 year old a bike-type toy but was having trouble choosing what to get him. I hadn’t even heard of balance bikes before, but after doing a little research I realized that they were the way I wanted to go. The standout reasons for me to choose a balance bike were these:1: A balance bike is much more easy for my kid to use, right out of the box. Even though he doesn’t run and balance with it yet, he can use it on his own by just walking it. 2: A balance bike will allow him to be more independent (and mom bonus, I don’t have to push him like with the beginner trikes). 3: A balance bike teaches balance and steering first, then he can add pedaling later. Ideally, we can skip the training wheels stage. Thus, after the research, I went with the balance bike. When I started researching the bikes for which one to get, I was shocked at the cost. My budget did not allow for the high end ones, but I also didn’t want to by a cheap one I would be disappointed with later. This one was a highly rated one that fit within my budget. Upsides:This bike is a little bigger than others, so he will be able to use it longerThe seat is comfortableThe base where he can put his feet is wide without being cumbersomeDownside:The wheels are plastic. I’m hoping they will hold up until he’s ready to move up to the next level bike. This is the biggest downside for me. It is bigger, so he barely touches the ground as a bigger 2. 5 year old. I would not recommend this model for smaller or younger kids. On the topic of balance bike vs. tricycle, thanks to a gift from an in-law for Christmas, I actually do get to see him use both the classic red trike and this balance bike. One area the balance bike really excels in is stability. Almost every time he tries to turn his trike it tips over. The balance bike is much less likely to dump him on the ground. He goes for each one about equally, but I prefer it when he is using the balance bike as he requires much less help from me. Plus, he is close to outgrowing the trike already (I give it under a year) whereas the balance bike should be good for at least two more years. This was a personal purchase at the current retail price, with no promise of review. Check it out!

No Pedals – No Problem! Say Goodbye to training wheels and skinned knees! Designed without pedals, the KaZAM Balance Bike allows riders to develop their balance before introducing pedaling, making the transition onto traditional bikes seamless. After all, it’s the balance that’s the hard part, pedaling is easy! Sit…Walk, Glide, Coast…Balance, KaZAM! (Limited assembly required, tools included)

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike Review

My grandsons who turned 3 just love them. The lightness of the bikes are a plus cause they do not get hurt by them. They were able to ride them right off. Thank you for a great bike. -Read Reviews-

The ONLY balance bike with an easy step-in patented FOOTREST design.

KaZAM’s Footrest is in the natural place, where feet would be if coasting on a pedaled bike, helping to find their center of gravity.

Adjustable seat and handlebars – KaZAM accommodates ages up to 5 years.

Puncture resistant, maintenance free EVA tires – never need air!

As Seen on Shark Tank!

Grandson is enjoying this balance bike. Also, a big thanks to Amazon for saving the day. I had purchased online from a different retailer for pickup at local franchise of popular toy store chain. Unfortunately, when it was time for pick-up, it turned out they did not have it in stock after all. Ordered this bike Friday evening and FedEx delivered it by noon next day, just one hour before the birthday party. Thanks a million for saving the day!! Note:purchaed for 3 year old, but at this point his older brother seems to be enjoying it more than he is. For anyone hesitant about what age this bike really fits, our "small for his age" 3 yr old grandson fits it well with seat lowered, as does his tall for his age 5 yr old "tall for his age" cousin, with seat raised.

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