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KAVU Rope Bag

I spent hours searching for a messenger type diaper bag and decided to give this a try. I love it!It holds everything I need, and sits comfortably across my back. It is so much easier than a big bulky purse diaper bag when I’m chasing my 3 year old! Because of the buckle, I can easily hook it to my stroller, too. The front pockets are small- I keep a pacifier and a mini hand sanitizer in those. My iPhone 5c can fit in the top pocket but it doesn’t close. I usually just tuck it into one of the big pockets or my pants pocket instead. There are two interior pockets. One is large and the other is smallish. I keep my wallet in the small one, and cram the other one full of all my mom stuff. I only like to take the bare essentials, so if you are a "kitchen sink" type, you might want to stick to a giant purse. What I can fit:Pack of wipes2-4 diapers2 burp clothsNursing coverSnacksSippy cupA couple baby toysKeys, phone, wallet Check it out!

You’ll love the simple style of the KAVU Rope Bag. This women’s bag features a adjustable strap with rope accents. Two separate vertical zip entry pockets provide plenty of space for your valuables. Your phone and keys will find a home in one of the two zip pockets. This KAVU bag also has a padded pack for extra comfort. Carry everything you need in the KAVU Rope Bag.

KAVU Rope Bag Review

This is my 3rd Kavu Rope bag. This is the canvas material and I love the neutral color. The ease of use of these bags make them very popular. I started carrying a Kavu about 10 years ago and still have the same bag I started with it still functions properly; all zippers, Velcro and rope is still perfect the only drawback is after many years of taking it shopping and placing my cart wipe in the seat with my bag the color has faded. I washed it in hopes of making it look new again but, in the end it was still to irregular in color from the wipes damage so I purchased my 2nd as I love the durability of these. The 3rd I opted for the nylon material and it holds its color better than the canvas versions. I’d still recommend these based on the comfort, hands free function, quality & style. -Read Reviews-

100% cotton


Pockets: 1 interior zip, 3 exterior

My wife prefers the sling as a purse. She had a 31 bag my mother bought her, it didn’t even make it a year before the main strap broke. 31’s response "that sucks bro". I have a feeling this purse is going to outlive my wife, or more likely she’ll want a different pattern in the future and we’ll be able to resell this thing as if it was still brand new. The material quality is TOP NOTCH. Its sewn together effectively and you can tell it’s not going to fall apart any time in the next decade. If i was climbing a mountain and fell and was caught by a branch and my bag was the only thing preventing a 100ft fall to my death, I would want this bag because it has rope integrated into it and I could Magyver my own rescue. Speaking to it as a purse, my wife states that it could use some improvement on how they have arranged the zippers and pockets. She has gotten used to it though and has found a place for everything. She now states its AMAZING and will love it for forever or until next Tuesday, whichever comes first.

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