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JVC RX-1028VBK Dolby Digital/DTS Surround Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

(. ..) If you are looking for an “all-in-one” unit look no further. Make no mistake, the sound and power from this receiver will bring new life into your speakers. The volume control appears a little off because you have to crank it up to hear it at an average listening range. This problem can be fixed somewhat with Monster Cable and attaching digital optical cables to your inputs for CD and DVD players. With this system, I am able to carry the remote all throughout the crib and even outside and still operate it!!! The Compulink system definitely works with other JVC equipment (CD, VCR & DVD players). With compulink connected, you can press play on the remote and the CD player is playing or push in a VCR tape and sit back and watch the movie. The unit is excellent for home theatre setups with a variety of preset features to adjust the sound. This unit allows you to has a two-room mode which allows you to operate two sets of speakers in different rooms. You can actually listen to the radio in one room and listen to CD’s in the other. The instructions are detailed and could be a little time consuming to understand but with several college courses you can get through it. My only knocks about this system is the instructions, volume control and the unit remote not having all the functions to fully operate the CD player. Other than that it is a great unit. Check it out!

JVC’s RX-1028VBK offers a striking combination of features and performance. Included are a muscular 100 watts’ output for all five channels (130 watts per channel for stereo), Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding, a future-ready 5.1-channel input, S-video switching, 30 FM and 15 AM tuner presets, and enough connections–including a phono input–to keep even the most crazed home-theater enthusiasts happy for years. An especially endearing feature of the RX-1028VBK is that its remote control transmits via both IR (infrared) and RF (radio-frequency) signals. Most receivers get their signals via IR transmission. However, the RX-9000VBK also transmits and receives RF remote commands, so you can control the receiver from other rooms. Considering the fact that the RX-9000VBK also sports a dedicated “sub-room” stereo speaker output, this starts sounding pretty darn convenient. The RX-1028VBK’s controls are intuitively arranged, and the two jog-shuttle controls are a godsend. One selects inputs, while the other governs multifunction settings for speaker balance, channel output levels, speaker crossover points (bass management), assigning source names, and customizing the Digital Signal Processor modes. Setup is further simplified by JVC’s fine onscreen display menu, which lets you manage settings from your couch instead of from a crouch. Five audio/video inputs (four of which include S-video) and three audio-only inputs provide plenty of room to grow your system, and JVC wisely elected to use binding posts for all speaker terminals, a boon to those using (or planning to use) banana-terminated speaker cables for all channels. JVC’s Text Compu Link shows CD track and title information (with CD Text-encoded discs) on both the receiver’s dimmable fluorescent display and the onscreen display. The RX-1028VBK’s four digital inputs correspond to DVD, CD, TV/DSB, and minidisc. You can also rename them to suit your needs. With stereo music the top-to-bottom balance is remarkable, thanks no doubt to the receiver’s fully discrete amplifier outputs and JVC’s legendary K-2 digital processing. High frequencies sound open, extended, and silky smooth. The bass has speed (dynamic precision) as well as impact. In the critical midrange area, vocals sound expressive with a good sense of body, while pianos, horns, and stringed instruments exhibit fine texture and presence. Things get even more exciting with Dolby Digital and DTS music and movies. Depending on the disc, our room became an ever-shifting soundscape–from an intimate recording studio to Carnegie Hall, from a New York street to an outer-space battle zone, with our speakers seeming to vanish into the ether. Pros: Excellent sound S-video switching capability Binding-post speaker terminals for all speakers Sub-room output Onscreen display RF/IR antenna Cons: No main A/B speaker switch




JVC RX-1028VBK Dolby Digital/DTS Surround Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review


This receiver has everything! I am amazed at the features that are on this unit. I replaced an older receiver with the RX1028 and it sounds excellent! I did a little research before I bought it and found out that it is JVC’s top of the line receiver from last year, but the only real difference between it and the newer model is that the price is much lower. It has assignable optical audio inputs for everything. Another feature that I really like is the IR remote. I can now adjust the volume from my back porch or any room in my house. That is really convenient and I did not see that feature on any other brands. The power output is great and the sound quality that is attained using the fiber optical cable is far better than regular RCA cables. As always, I am happy with the service from Amazon and thrilled with the price that I paid for the product! -Read Reviews-

100 watts per channel (surround), 130 watts per channel (stereo)

DTS and Dolby Digital decoding

5.1-channel analog inputs

Advanced Super-A amplifier, high-current capable

Multi-room control and S-video switching

Now I didn’t buy this product, but I did get it off the back of a truck from some guy named Habib. I didn’t think it would be a good deal for only five bucks. But man! This thing works wonderfully. Definitly begin to start to commence considering buying this baby. It is great if you like it, but not good if you don’t.

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