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JVC GR-SXM520U Palm Size Compact Super VHS Camcorder With LCD Monitor (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

I really like this machine. The owner’s manual is good and the features are useful. For VHS-C format, one has the option of standard-play for 30 minutes of recording or extended-play for 90 minutes of recording. The night vision feature is good – I recorded shots in almost total darkness and the camera made it look like the lights were normal in the room. The LCD screen is really good so that the user can use it for shooting or for playback viewing. The zoom freaked me out at how sharp the picture could be at about 50 or so yards. The price seems okay and this camera is a pretty good deal – for my purposes anyway. Check it out!

Product Description camcorder, battery pack, AC power adapter, shoulder strap, VHS playpak, remote control The JVC GR-SXM520U palm-size compact VHS-C camcorder offers 400x variable speed digital zoom and 16x optical zoom. This is ideal for catching action at sporting events or just at home in your backyard. The zoom is a variable-speed zoom triggered by finger pressure with numeric zoom ratio readout in the viewfinder/monitor. The GR-SXM520U includes a high-resolution 3-inch LCD color monitor with 112,000 pixels. The monitor rotates 270 degrees so you can view what you are recording from any angle. The camcorder has three recording modes and uses S-VHS recording to deliver up to 60 percent better resolution than standard models. For quality and economy, the S-VHS ET mode lets you take high-resolution videos using any VHS-C tape. For compatibility with any VHS video recorder, standard VHS is also available.At the touch of a button, Super LoLux boosts low light sensitivity to less than 1 lux for needed performance in real-life shooting situations. The picture stabilizer gets rid of annoying picture shake. Your viewers will appreciate this feature during playback because it will make your recording easier to watch.The VHS-C format tapes used in this camcorder are simply smaller-size VHS tapes. You can play your tapes in any VCR with the included cassette adapter. This feature also allows the manufacturer to make a compact, affordable camcorder. In case you need to travel away from an electrical outlet, the JVC GR-SXM520U includes a battery pack with a shooting capability of up to two hours. It has seven programmable auto exposure modes and digital special effects. The title generator features eight preset messages in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.A time-lapse capability allows you to record at preset intervals to catch slow motion action such as plant growth or cloud movement. You can also record in a special animation mode that creates the illusion of movement for an otherwise stationary scene when you shoot a series of slightly different poses. For editing features, the JVC GR-SXM520U offers digital wipes and fades, as well as a black fader and a quick review and retake function. Through the J terminal you can easily integrate your JVC camcorder with PC and multimedia peripherals to create a computer-controlled video-playback and image-capture system. The necessary control software is supplied with select JVC digital camcorders. The accessories include a shoulder strap, compact VHS cassette playback adapter, AC adapter, remote control, and battery recharger.




JVC GR-SXM520U Palm Size Compact Super VHS Camcorder With LCD Monitor (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review


it is very difficult to tell but i think it good -Read Reviews-

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16x optical, 400x digital zoom

3-inch, high-resolution, 270-degree-rotating LCD color monitor

VHS-C format for easy playback in your VCR

Records in S-VHS for superior video quality

Digital image stabilizer

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