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Just Go to Bed (Little Critter) (Pictureback(R)) Paperback – April 23, 2001 by Mercer Mayer (Author)

I love Mercer Mayer illustrations, but the story line here doesn’t really flow. Usually these type of stories have some sort of "thing" at the end that makes the kid realize they want to go to bed, but this is literally parents counteracting every excuse the kids comes up with to delay bed and ends with them yelling until he goes to bed. There isn’t really any payout or fun twist at the end. Update:I was worried that our toddler wouldn’t enjoy this story since it’s basically parents yelling at their kid to just go to bed. It doesn’t seem like a fun story from my perspective. But our toddler routinely requests this book. It’s not his favorite, but its definitely solidly in the rotation of books he likes to pick out at night. I guess maybe it’s because he identifies with being told repeatedly to just go to bed. Check it out!

About the Author MERCER MAYER began writing and illustrating children’s books in 1966, and since then, he has published over 300 titles. Readers can open almost any of his award-winning books and out may pop dragons, cuddly monsters, wonderful creatures, and endearing critters. Drawing from his own childhood adventures for inspiration, Mayer created one of children’s books most cherished characters, Little Critter. He currently lives in Connecticut.

Just Go to Bed (Little Critter) (Pictureback(R)) Paperback – April 23, 2001 by Mercer Mayer (Author) Review

This one is a classic children’s book. Like the Christmas Story movie, it is one of those things in life that is very nostalgic. My parents would read this to me when I was a small child. Now I am doing the same to my own children. The theme is timeless even in todays heavy technology era with TV, phones, tablets, and gadgets. Trying to get your little child to go to bed is always a challenge. A night does not go by when my daughter tests every limit of my patience to put her to bed. I read this story to her often before bedtime and she always smiles and laughs. I can now relate to the dad who does his best to get his little trooper to take a bath, pickup, get in pajamas, brush teeth and go to sleep. I am a big fan of Mercer Mayer’s stories and this is probably his best. This is a beautifully simple story that is great for young children. I would highly recommend this story to all new parents. It makes a great gift for any occasion. I would rate this a 5 star book. -Read Reviews-

My mother read these books to my brother and I when we were kids. The little critter books have earned their place on our bookcase. Both my sons love these stories and try to read along with me. Each addresses a new lesson in our days and you can easily make them more fun by trowing your voice for the different characters. I know these will be valued in our family for years to come.

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