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John Wick

If you saw this movie, you’ll want the soundtrack. If you didn’t see John Wick, please do so; you won’t be disappointed. Back to the music! This album has everything from the movie except Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson. Despite the absent traack it’s still a wonderful blend of techno, pop, and a dash of jazz thrown in for good measure. Two tracks, Red Circle and LED Spirals, are only 60 seconds and were probably written exclusively for the movie but they are outstanding and are two of my favorites. The In My Mind and Shots Fired tracks also deserve space on any playlist. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable hour of great music! Check it out!


John Wick Review

Excellent soundtrack – when watching the film I knew that I had to purchase the soundtrack which is a pretty clear indication that it is making all the right impressions. The only reason that this does not get 5 stars is that the Marilyn Manson song "Killing Strangers" is not on it. Otherwise, if you saw the film and loved the music – you need to own this! -Read Reviews-

I movie like this does not become sleek and sexy by sheer quality acting and cinematography alone, it’s often the soundtrack which gives a film its character, its heartbeat, its rhythm. Here we have a excellent example of film and score as one. Sharp, tight and focused, this is one soundtrack that will simply not disappoint, all wrapped around a great film of style and energy.

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