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JBL S38BE 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Beech)

I just got through reading a 2010 opinion of the S38’s, and the poster stated they sound "honky in the mid-range". …anything but! They sound excellent in all the spectrum’s. The bass won’t take the tiles off your ceiling, but the lows are accurate for an 8" driver. (My JBL L80t’s will shake the room IE a 10") One test I put the S38’s through is listening to crappy recordings, and they show them up as the same. They are accurate with little to no discoloration, and a joy to hear hour after hour. I highly recommend these. Grab them while you can, and if you can find them. With that said I am referring to the Beech color, made in the USA. They are Quality personified, and in their price range sound as good or better than speakers costing twice or three times as much. Check it out!

The JBL S38 beech-colored bookshelf speakers feature a unique horizontal mirror-image nearfield/midfield monitor design that brings the studio experience into your living room. The JBL S38 bookshelf speakers offer 175-watt maximum power handling, 45 to 20,000 Hz frequency response, 89 dB sensitivity, and 8 ohms nominal impedance.The 1-inch pure titanium tweeter and the 4-inch midrange transducer are mounted on a Linear Field Proximity (LFP) bezel that ensures a seamless transition between the middle and high frequencies. The 8-inch PolyPlas (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) woofer is built on a cast aluminum frame, which reduces distortion and increases power-handling capability.JBL’s S38BE speakers are equipped with all-metal, five-way, gold-plated, binding-post speaker terminals. This pair comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty on the speaker enclosures and a five-year parts and labor warranty on the speaker driver and internal components.




JBL S38BE 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Beech) Review


I got 2 pairs of these, along with the S-Center, for my home theater system, and they just sound great! I especially like the Beech color. Just be aware, they are pretty big for bookshelves, and if you use them as surround speakers, make sure you have some pretty sturdy stands. -Read Reviews-

Pair of beech-colored, 8-inch bookshelf speakers

175-watt power handling

45 to 20,000 Hz frequency response

89 dB sensitivity

Magnetically shielded

I just picked up a used set of JBL S38 speakers. The ‘S’ refers to these speakers being in JBL’s ‘Studio’ line back in the early to mid 2000’s — basically modeled after their more expensive studio monitor speakers that are found in recording studios. They have been out of production for several years. The studio line incorporates 8″ woofers with cast aluminum frames for ridigity and supposedly more accurate bass. I actually sampled S38’s back in 2002-2003 when shopping around for new speakers. I listened to about every speaker I could find. The reviews at the time put these speakers ahead of the competition and I concur. I felt they were the best of all those I listened to when paired against Klipsch, Polks, Yamaha, Sony and others I tested agains. I didn’t forget them. At that time, though, I didn’t want to spend the extra dough and settled for a set of JBL S26II’s, 6 1/2″ bookshelf speakers in cherry finish, also from the “Studio” line, which I thought were the best sounding speakers in the 6″ bookshelf format, especially when paired with a subwoofer (and gorgeous looking too). But these S38’s are a noticable step up. When comparing side by side, the bass on the S38’s is noticably deeper, more accurate, not ‘boomy’ or fatiguing to the ear. Probably the best bass for bookshelf speakers I’ve heard. You may not need a subwoofer, at least for listening to music, unless you really want throbbing bass (like for movies). The mids are well defined and the overall imaging is very clear and warm. I think these are the best bookshelf speakers I’ve heard. Not only that, but in light Beech woodgrain with copper colored driver cones, my wife thinks they are quite attractive, which I have to agree. They really stand out from other speakers. Something else too: these speakers have the ability to go extremely LOUD without distorting, if that matters to you. I’ve cranked these up a time or two and they haven’t let me down. In summary, I think the S38’s are still relevant and I highly recommend them if you get a chance to pick some up.

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