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Jacob Have I Loved Paperback – September 2, 2003 by Katherine Paterson (Author)

Paterson captures the inner turmoil and hurt of the lesser-loved, plainer, and less-obviously gifted twin, Sara Louise ("Wheezy"), growing up on a remote island in the Chesapeake Bay in the 1940s. Caroline, her musically talented, beautiful, and spoiled sister has stolen the spotlight ever since birth, having been born fragile and sickly. Boredom, longing, psychic pain, and rage are exquisitely described yet there is humor – especially in the protagonist’s interactions with McCall, the dunderheaded boy with whom Sara Louise shares many adventures. In the end, though Sara Louise is thwarted from her ideal career (due to being female ), she achieves one she can be proud of along with – at long last – love and acceptance in her personal life. I enjoy how this author is able to detail her characters’s feelings with depth, intensity, and great honesty. Check it out!

Review “With wry humor, Sara Louise recalls her turbulent adolescence on Rass Island and her intense jealousy of her twin sister. Strength of characterization and memorable external and internal action mark this superbly crafted novel about a quest for self-knowledge.” — “1991 Newbery Committee” (ALA)”A novel of special brilliance.”– “New York Times Book Review””Simply irresistible.”– “Publishers Weekly”

Jacob Have I Loved Paperback – September 2, 2003 by Katherine Paterson (Author) Review

I bought this book for my 11 year old because it was on the independent reading list. This author wrote Bridge to Terabithia so I figured it would be a good read. I read the book first and felt that it had a lot of content that was not appropriate for an 11 year old. It was not graphic but it just had some sexual references that did nothing for the story line. I also just did not like the story in general. I’d definitely say wait until 8th/9th grade not 6th to read unless your child is very mature. -Read Reviews-

An interesting read, she really brought to life the ways of the Chesapeake waterman, and the isolation of those families on the islands in the Bay. I have visited Crisfield, and Tangier Island, and her descriptions are very accurate in my opinion. I thought the story got very "hurried" after Wheezy left the island. If the author had dedicated as much time and detail, and continued the story line with as much of Wheeze’s thoughts, inner conflicts, etc., as she did for the majority of the book up to that point, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It almost seems like the author was getting tired of the story, and just wanted to get to the conclusion. That said, I DO think it was an entertaing summer read; the author is a talented story teller. Ed

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