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Jackpot: Las Vegas Story

This is a great CD; lots of nostalgia. A fun soundtrack for a party. Excellent speed and service as well. Check it out!

Product description Vocal Collections ~ Jackpot: Las Vegas Story Remember the sequence in Casino in which De Niro’s character becomes the star of a nightly talk show/pro-Mob harangue in order to keep hanging around the joint after he gets in Dutch with Nevada state authorities? Not much of that freewheeling spirit is captured on this gorgeously garish package. (It comes complete with a tiny pair of dice slipped inside the jewel box.) With main-room kings Sinatra and Presley absent from the proceedings here, the tic-ridden 1960 rendition of “The Lady Is a Tramp” offered by Buddy Greco is the kind of thing that too often passes for vocal sty-li-za-tion here. That insult to Frank–and Paul Anka’s nonmythic rendition of “My Way”–aside, the Rat Pack does get props with the inclusion of the Dino and Sammy signatures “That’s Amore” and “I’ve Gotta Be Me.” In fact, the former’s ur-Italian mischief keys into one of Jackpot!’s essential subtexts: the celebration of all things Mediterranean that was once a major part of the Vegas experience–Mel Tormé, Vic Damone, “Al Di La,” even the bloodthirsty angst of Tom Jones’s “Delilah,” the best thing here and a murder ballad that Nick Cave shouldn’t have missed. To think that this stuff was preferred by many parents as superior to rock & roll: “She saw the knife in my hand and she laughed no more,” indeed. Too bad that so much of what surrounds Jones on this disc sounds foolish, even for those on a happy kitsch trip. –Rickey Wright




Jackpot: Las Vegas Story Review


Or a lover of the sounds that we associate with Vegas. Perfect background for that cocktail party or when you just want to pretend you’re leading the show at the casino. The album is a sampler of the greats who made Vegas the town it is today. Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Tom Jones, and Mr. Vegas himself Wayne Newton. Pop in the disc and take a walk down memory lane. -Read Reviews-

My friends request this CD when they come over because it brings back memories of every party we’ve had. It’s a great way to relate to our parents’ generation and appreciate the quality of the music that has become timeless.

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