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Jack the Ripper Victims Series: The Double Event Audible – Unabridged Alan M. Clark (Author),

2 stories in one. Of Thimble and Threat definitely the better of the two; the other being Say Anything but Your Prayers. Check it out!

Jack the Ripper Victims Series: The Double Event Audible – Unabridged Alan M. Clark (Author), Review

This is the story of two woman from two countries, Sweden (Elizabeth Stride), and England (Catherine Eddowes), who were seeking adventure and happiness in Victorian London. Both women were dominated by men and the grinding poverty, which led them to a thirst for alcohol in which to escape from their stressful lives. And it lead them, in the end, to be minutes and blocks away from each other, and the knife of Jack the Ripper. These stories are a blend of fiction and history, woven masterfully by Alan M. Clark, continuing his series of novels on the forgotten victims of Whitechapel 1888. I am looking forward to the next two books. -Read Reviews-

This double feature recreates the lives of two women that are highly individual and also overlap in ways that reveal the daily struggle faced by women of no means trying to create lives for themselves in Victorian London. In the tradition of the best historical fiction, the character of the time and place are drawn with as much attention to detail as the character of the women whose biographies form the core narratives. Elizabeth Stride emigrates from Sweden to London as a young woman hoping for a better life after a very rocky start. Catherine Eddowes is a talented young woman whose life deteriorates into a ruinous state long before she encounters the Ripper. Both struggle with grinding poverty and grim choices but both also find beauty and the pleasures of companionship and, for Katie, joy as a mother. I empathize with them as well as feeling heartsick at where some of their choices lead. Clark has recreated characters who are deeply sympathetic while evoking the sights, smells, and feel of London in another era.

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