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Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce

I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING!-My whole family applies it like a LOTION on our entire bodies (including face) every day which has made our skin extremely smooth, healthy, and even lessened the appearance of some scars, stretch marks, and even acne. -Makes the BEST SHAVING CREAM – mixed with some coco butter, shea butter, baking soda, and essential oils this stuff is the stuff of gods! Recently ran out while waiting for this jar to arrive and immediately noticed a huge difference in the quality of shave I was getting with regular shave gel. The CO allows you to get a much closer shave and leaves your skin smooth and silky for days!-Provides the best OIL PULL – I do this every morning which really helps keep your mouth healthy, fresh, and completely got rid of my wisdom teeth pain! I even used it to heal an oral surgery I had and the pain was extremely lessened after the 2nd day! HUGE difference in the overall health of my mouth and teeth if I miss a day. – It helps HEAL cuts, scrapes, and burns – I am quite clumsy and like to wrestle with my dog so I end up with little scrapes and bruises often – CO always drastically improves healing times and lessens the scars. -We give some to our DOG every day which has drastically improved his intestinal, oral, and skin health. His coat is always so shiny and smooth and, as a bonus, coconut oil instantly removes dog odors when you rub it on their fur. -I have even used it to COOK, make healthy CHOCOLATE alternatives, and eaten it raw. Needless to say, my family LIVES on coconut oil. I have tried 4 different brands in the past 2 years and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that THIS ONE IS THE BEST I’ve had!Let me share my experiences with coconut oil brands in order of least favorite to most and explain why this one is my #1 choice:4. Nutiva: My first brand- it is nice but very hard and quite grainy at times. Needed a spoon to get it out and took a little while to melt, which, now that i know better, to me means it is less fresh. I decided to search for a different brand because of its gritty texture and difficulty to get out of the jar. I use Coconut Oil to oil pull every morning and the grainy texture was not a pleasant experience!3. Nature’s Way – Nothing really terrible or spectacular about this brand. Got it because Viva was sold out at one point – It didn’t taste quite as fresh, nor was it as smooth as Viva but it served its purpose well. I’d give it 3. 5 stars. 2. Viva Labs: Started out amazing – was very fresh, much smoother than Nutiva, tasted lighter, and was my favorite. .. until recently. Almost every jar I received in the last few months (and I order A LOT) came or quickly became moldy!! The last 3 jars I received were riddled with little dark circles, yellowish bottoms, and had a very grainy/gritty texture. I know that sometimes coconut oil can have flakes and what not, but this was more hard to melt tiny pieces (which I’m sure was one of the signs it was no longer good). Turns out the company is under review and I’m guessing they are not storing it properly. It shouldn’t come pre-molded! I was SO disappointed as I had used them for over a year. But, I couldn’t trust a company with so many problems getting a healthy product to its consumers. Its not only gross, but could have been extremely unhealthy for my family if I hadn’t noticed the circles. As such, I now give them 1 star. 1. ISLAND FRESH!! – From the moment it arrived I knew this was going to be much different than all the rest. I could tell it was going to be light and fresh before I ever opened it! Went to use it for oil pulling first thing the next morning and HOLY WOW! It was so easy to dig into with my hands, melted immediately upon entering my mouth, and was so fresh, creamy, and light tasting! Later, when I went to use it as lotion, it was unlike any other experience I have had with coconut oil! Usually, when you slather coconut oil on your skin, some of it absorbs immediately but you end up pretty shiny and slick for about 20 minutes or so while the body takes its time to soak it all in. NOT WITH THIS! The MOMENT I put it on my hands, immediate osmosis! My skin absorbed it like it was quenching a thirst it has had for decades! haha. It was so smooth, light, and felt wonderful! Of course, I still ended up -slightly- shiny but it was very minimal and was more like glowing skin than slick and oily! No more waiting for the coconut to soak in which made a HUGE difference on my face in particular! Normally, even after a few hours, coconut oil leaves your face a little shiny and, for lack of a better word, greasy. Every time you touch your face or lay your head on something you end up with a faint coconut oil splotch (especially on phone screens!!) But not with this! No more embarrassing face shine and now when I touch my face, it simply feels soft and glorious! I sincerely hope they decide to do subscribe and save with this company because I have just become a customer for life!If you are in search of a great coconut oil – BUY THIS ONE!!* I am NOT a paid shopper & I did NOT receive this at a discount (though that would be nice!). I am just one of those people that spends days researching brands to make sure I get the best of the best so I felt it only fair I leave the type of review I would be looking for for other people! Check it out!

Island Fresh Coconut Oil is one of nature’s most precious gifts to culinary gurus, beauty experts and fitness junkies everywhere. Cold-pressed and never heated, we use a traditional method of oil extraction that preserves the unique features of coconut oil, including its tropical taste and aroma. Uses Weight Management: May be used as a daily supplement in divided tablespoon doses. Oil Pulling: Swish 1 tablespoon in your mouth on an empty stomach (in the morning or before bed) to benefit from coconut oil’s many properties. Topical Use: Lauric acid is coconut oil’s strongest MCT and leaves your skin looking more radiant than ever. Apply coconut oil to skin daily for irritations, dryness and more. Hair Mask: Help revive thin and brittle looking hair by placing a small amount of coconut oil in between the palm of your hands to let it melt, and apply to scalp or ends of hair. Allow to settle overnight for a conditioning hair treatment.

Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce Review

I ran out of coconut oil and sent this to a friend in case I wasn’t home when it arrived. It came today in time to add to my coffee! I would have taken a scoop either way for the brain benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. It tastes delicious, melts just the way I would expect in my coffee, and was a few dollars less than other brands. Of course, it’s organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil, as well. Some say coconut oil doesnt need to be organic due to lack of GMO and little to no spraying, but better safer than later finding out there is more pesticides or GMO that we didn’t know about. Very happy with the purchase. One thing is that there was no prime shipping, so it took a few extra days to arrive. -Read Reviews-

When this giant container arrived in the mail, I couldn’t believe I had ordered such a big size, and thought it would last me the rest of my life! Well, I started slathering it on my body after my bath, putting it in my coffee every morning, mixing it with spirulina and honey for a treat, and putting it in my flourless bran cereal muffins, and here I am a month later ready to buy more! I must have had a coconut oil deficiency or something, because my body has just slurped this stuff up, inside and out!! I can’t believe I’ve used the entire thing in one month’s time!!! But, hey, it’s an excellent price and apparently my body is not done yet. I even put a little on my curly hair after washing. It melts quite nicely into your hand with your body heat. I lived in Hawaii for five years, and they definitely have some fountains of youth there. Coconuts are one of them.

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