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IRWIN Woodworker's Vise, 6 1/2", 226361

PRETTY GOOD VISE FOR THE PRICEpretty good for the money. i bought 2 at lowes, one was tight to turn, the other had jaws that were not parallel. the guide rods on both were not parallel and toed-in. the "toe-in" feature at top of the jaws will ding wood when tightened. i added wooden jaws (which i had already planned to do) which took extra time to make in order to compensate for the toe-in top and nonparallel jaws. the drive screw has coarse threads so it does not move smoothly, but it does turn faster. all-in-all, a good vise for the price. may buy another. Check it out!

The IRWIN Woodworker’s Vise ensures a firm grip on workpieces with toe-in toward top jaws. With a square body for easy under-bench mounting, it has a provision for installing wood cheeks to protect workpieces. Constructed of durable forged iron, it has a 4-1/2″ jaw capacity perfect for hobbies and light woodworking tasks.

IRWIN Woodworker’s Vise, 6 1/2", 226361 Review

Would I prefer a $150 vise? Of course, but for an amateur woodworker, this is a great little vise for the price. Easy to install, and very handy. A couple of small pieces of oak, and you’re in business. -Read Reviews-

Toe-in toward top jaws helps ensure firm grip on workpiece

Square body seating for easy under-bench mounting

Provision for installing wooden cheeks to protect work pieces

4-1/2″ jaw capacity perfect for light duty woodworking tasks

Crated of forged iron for long-lasting durability

Woodworker’s vise is great! It is a tool every man needs to have. First, we all need an extra pair of hands in the shop. This tool can provide just that. Pieces of scrap wood can be bolted to the sides to not mar the wood piece you are working on. The vise is 6 1/2 inches across. And currently the price can’t be beat from a solid brand. Well constructed will extend out to around 5 1/2.

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