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Innervisions (Remastered)

This is arguably Stevie Wonder’s finest album, far outpacing Talking Book,Fulfillingness’ First Finale, and Songs in the Key of Life, all of which were exemplary works of his “classic” period on their own terms. But INNERVISIONS is all of a piece, almost a concept album in its musical unity—it plays like a symphony of nine movements. That Stevie was the sole composer and sole musician on six of the nine tracks marks this as an intimate work of art. Stevie used the synthesizer—still fairly revolutionary, and never before used in the r & b genre (whatever that means)—to create much of the symphonic sound on the album. Stevie opens INNERVISIONS with the constantly accelerating “Too High,” which is a cautionary anti-drug song on one level, a warning against romantic infatuation on another, and a musically tight exploration of Jazz-Rock Fusion on a third. Stevie follows this with the deeply spiritual “Visions,” ethereal in its musings on the human condition. The angelic “Visions” is followed by what may be Stevie’s grandest tour-de-force, “Living For The City” a burning indictment of racism that is sadly, still all too timely. Even with it’s perhaps overly cinematic middle scene, the moral outrage of “Living For The City” still brings tears to a listener’s eyes. Stevie wastes no time taking us back to the heights of ecstasy with “Golden Lady,” both romantic and dramatic in its composition and execution. Stevie Wonder, blind from birth, sees his Golden Lady with a clarity that anyone can envy. The second side of the album opens with the questing, spiritual “Higher Ground,” an energetic song that both complements and fulfills the musings of “Visions. “”Jesus Children of America” is a social commentary in which Stevie challenges the unthinking obedience of the Evangelical Movement which was just re-emerging in force when INNERVISIONS was released in 1973. “All In Love Is Fair” is a surprisingly standard love song imbued with the vocal smoothness that defines this album. If not memorable, it is still pleasant to listen to. “Don’t You Worry “Bout A Thing” is a syntho-tech pop number with a heavy Latin backbeat, reminiscent of “Higher Ground”‘s exuberant energy. Stevie’s sense of humor is nowhere more evident on this album. “He’s Misstra Know-It-All” is a political statement camouflaged as a song about a transparent huckster, aimed squarely at the wooden Richard Nixon and his increasingly limited worldview which was blossoming into Watergate even as Stevie wrote INNERVISIONS. With its mixture of love songs, songs of spiritual seeking, and political anthems, INNERVISIONS is the most eclectic work of the mature Stevie’s “classic” period. If you only choose one of his albums make it this one. Check it out!

Product Description From the summer of ’73, every cut a winner. Includes Higher Ground; Living for the City; Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing , and more. One of Stevie Wonder’s best albums, and the one where his more fanciful, free-form moments gel perfectly with his knack for irresistible pop singles, 1973’s Innervisions swings between delicate and airy ballads, Latin-influenced rhythms (the hit "Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing"), and his own synth-heavy versions of gut-bucket soul (the determined spiritual questing of "Higher Ground"). The striking juxtaposition between "Vision," a barely breathed hope that a world of peace might be upon us, and the great "Living for the City," a funky, pulsing tale of racism, is powerful, haunting, and still all too relevant. –David Cantwell




Innervisions (Remastered) Review


At this point, this is a very old album but, in my opinion it should be in every music library of anyone who has any appreciation of Stevie Wonder. This music is timeless and heartfelt, very well produced, and sounds as fresh as ever to my ears. These songs could be brand-new hits if they were released "anew". Top drawer. Love it. My advice? Crank it up loud, listen over and over, and let it really sink in. This music will move you. You’ll love it, too. -Read Reviews-

I’m old enough to remember the child star take the world by storm. Very seldom in show business does that translate to success as an adult. And didn’t Steve prove them wrong by not only continuing to perform with that beautiful high tenor voice but his compositions turned out to be chart shattering. Stevie Wonder is now part of the American lexicon of great composers and this album only reflects part of that immense talent. A must buy for those who love music.

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