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Ink And Bone (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Great Library) Library Binding – April 5, 2016 by Rachel Caine (Author)

I cant believe I waited so long to read this book. Ink and Bone is amazing! Ink and Bone is a book about books. Now that the sequel is about to come out, I am kinda glad I waited to read this. I need the sequel immediately!Jess lives in a world where books are controlled by The Great Library. The Great Library controls the flow of information in the world. Jess starts off as a runner for his family. His family steals original versions of books and trades them in the black market. Jess isnt really interested in the family business. His father could see that early on, and set him up with a good education. An education good enough to get him into The Great Librarys service so he could continue to work for his family from the inside. Working for the The Great Library would mean Jess is employed by the enemy. There are three kinds of people in this world. Librarians: work for The Great Library and control the information of the worldDealers: who steal and deal original copies of rare booksBurners: who burn books for political protestEveryone has a journal at birth and is encouraged to write about their lives, the journals become part of the library once a person dies. The Great Library looks good and safe, but it is actually the very thing keeping progress from happening in this world. No one but the library gets original books. In a whole lifetime, you may gain access to an electronic book or get a copied one. Almost no one gets to see an original book. Books are power in this world. Since the library has all the power, and people dont know any better, a position with The Great Library is a coveted position. In this word there are no printing presses, no way for a book to be shared. All of the best ideas and technology are used for the library only. Oppression is a thing. Which brings a need for Burners. They dont want the library to have all the power, they burn books and librarians in protest. They are a real threat to librarians throughout the world. Jess is sent into training with The Great Library after passing the entrance exam. He might be the most promising student from his part of the world, but he finds he is just one of many who wants a life working with books. The whole story follows Jess in his studies and his rivalries with other students in Alexandria. Some of this story was reminiscent of Harry Potter, but these kids are older. The stakes are higher. The students are more twisted, and there is much more at stake. The world building in Ink and Bone is pretty amazing. We get to see so much of this world and it is flawlessly described for the reader. I had no problem seeing the world. I have to admit the beginning of this book is a bit slow, but once I got past the first few chapters, and into Jess journey, I was completely sucked in. All of the characters are well written. Jess is torn throughout most of this story between reaching his potential for the library and pleasing his family. He knows more than most of his peers and that knowledge is dangerous. There was a bit of romance, but it is so damned complicated. I loved Morgan and Jess together. There is also some great friendships. Those are hard won though. They also get pretty complicated. Within this story is a great adventure and a lot of danger. This book made me so grateful to have access to books and knowledge without persecution. I really enjoyed this book. It ends in a good place with no cliffhangers. I want more of the story though, so I cant wait to read the sequel. Fans of books and YA fictional history will enjoy this story. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 8 Up—In an alternate reality, the Great Library of Alexandria is a powerful governing force that controls the dissemination of information. With strategically located branches around the world, it enforces its rules via a highly trained military and deadly automatons. Possession of a book in its original form is illegal, but copies can be requested and are transferred temporarily to readers. For the majority of people who follow its edicts, the library seems like a benevolent authority, but as the delivery boy for his father’s black market operation in original books, Jess Brightwell lives in constant fear of being caught by the High Garda. When his father announces that he’s enrolled Jess as a postulant to train for a coveted library position, Jess is intrigued and resentful. Constant exposure to books has him hungering for access to the library’s vast archives, but he has no wish to continue risking his life for his father’s business. His illegal activities have imbued him with the skills necessary to place among the top contenders for the few available positions. But the further Jess gets into the training, the greater the risk of being found out and the more he realizes that the library will stop at nothing to maintain control over its collection. Caine has created a Dickensian future with an odd mix of technologies and elements of sorcery. A strong cast of characters and nail-biting intensity make for a promising start to this new series. VERDICT Teens and librarians alike will be anxiously awaiting the next installment.—Cary Frostick, formerly at Mary Riley Styles Public Library, Falls Church, VA –This text refers to the Digital edition.

Ink And Bone (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Great Library) Library Binding – April 5, 2016 by Rachel Caine (Author) Review

Fair warning: I have a bit of an obsession with the Library of Alexandria and I am a history teacher so the concept of this book is fabulous to me. The premise of this book (first in a trilogy) is that the famed Library of Alexandria, probably the greatest repository of human knowledge until the internet, was never destroyed. The Library is an overseer of all local governments. The Library, in the book, is not just a repository of all human knowledge, but it also controls it. If the Archivist (controller of the Library) deems a piece of knowledge dangerous than it is not available to the public. I love the little things that this has caused in the world Ms. Caine created. For instance, the Gutenberg Press was hidden as dangerous. This cause, as far as I can tell, the Protestant Reformation to have never happened. That isn’t explicitly mentioned in the book, however every character that mentions religion in the book is either Catholic or Muslim so it is inferred. I love that because the Gutenberg Press was the ONLY reason that the Protestant Reformation succeeded. Overall, a fantastic book. Now, I just have to wait for the other two to come out. -Read Reviews-

I really enjoyed this book, for me it had me hooked to find out what happens next. The characters were so well written and real that they just made you feel like they were people you know. The author created a world that could be possible and brings you into that world flawlessly. In an alternate reality the Library controls and rules this world, where it is illegal to own a book. Instead the Library could send you a copy temporarily, controlling all information and deciding what is good for the masses. The story follows Jess, a boy from a family of smugglers that steal original copies of books and sells them in the black market for profit. It follows his journey as he learns little by little that the library isn’t what he thought it was and how it changes his life. This book was a quick read and the plot moved smoothly to keep you moving through the story. I will say that the beginning of the book was a set up to the world and the dynamics of the world that it did move slowly. Even when it did seem to move slow it wasn’t boring and I think the set up was needed to get you acquainted with how everything works so that the story could have a real world feel. I will be sticking to this series and will get the next novel.

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