Buy “iMBAPrice iMBA-CCTV-PGTM-10 CCTV Security Camera DC Male Power Plug Pigtail Cable – Pack of 10 (Black/Red) Surveillance Camera Cables Camera & Photo” Online

iMBAPrice iMBA-CCTV-PGTM-10 CCTV Security Camera DC Male Power Plug Pigtail Cable - Pack of 10 (Black/Red)

When I started working with Arduino I was super excited to build some projects that used LED displays. As I was starting out, using the USB port to power the Uno was plenty of power to juice both the board and the LEDs, but as my projects got more and more complex, and the LED matrixes got bigger, the power requirements started to top out what the USB could provide, and I would see erratic behavior from the board or from sketches. They would hang, the displays would freeze up or not power up. I did some research, and found it was not my code, or a bad circuit, but POWER! I needed more amps. So, along comes this guy, a well-priced, 12V 2A switching power adapter that, for now, is handling my power needs for my current projects. This adapter has a 2. 1mm Male barrel tip. Check it out!

Designed for CCD Camera(s) or Wireless camera(s). You may connect extra Battery pack(s) with this cable or use it for CCD Camera installation. Male Power Ends DC Cord w/ Male Plug 18AWG / 2 Wire, 12inch = 1ft Red(Positive) / Black(Negative) DC male 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug. Most dome- or bullet-style surveillance cameras come with a short power cable but need a patch cable to connect to a power supply. Connect your camera to the power supply easily with the Male DC Power Pigtail, which has one feet of red and black color-coded wires along with a standard center-positive plug to connect easily to your camera. This is also a perfect usage for connecting Siamese CCTV cables to your power distribution system. With it’s high quality two stripped tinned wires, there is no need to worry about it’s quality and durability.

iMBAPrice iMBA-CCTV-PGTM-10 CCTV Security Camera DC Male Power Plug Pigtail Cable – Pack of 10 (Black/Red) Review

These little guys are great!!!About 18 months ago I installed one of the cheaper security camera systems available on Amazon. About 16 months later I started to lose cameras. After pulling all the bad cameras down I discovered that it wasn’t the cameras, it was the cables. I live in southeast Mexico and the weather is hot and humid. These cables took a beating from the environment. So I purchased a higher quality video cable and power cable in bulk quantities from the local electric supply house and terminated the power cables with these (and the other gender on a separate order). They are easy to mount and the screw type clamp works great. Lesson learned – only strip about 2mm of insulation on each lead. This minimizes the potential for bare wire from either lead to contact the other lead and cause a short. I had a loose strand of wire touch the other wire (because I had stripped too much insulation). -Read Reviews-

Center positive 2.1mm DC plug to durable two strip tinned wires

Molded male connectors

Outside diameter: 5.5mm

Inside diameter: 2.1mm

1 foot length, easy to maneuver and install, and helps conserve space

Item arrived in good time. Wires are clearly colored, quality excellent and– unexpected– the ends were already stripped and tinned (which saves me a significant amount of time). Quite pleased with purchase. To the user who stated the ends broke easily and wires were difficult to strip when that happens, some positive suggestions:* Don’t put pressure on the tinned ends. When soldering, apply only as much pressure as needed to melt the solder. * If needing to strip wires, the stripping tool makes all the difference in the world. I invested $15 in a very nice model from Radio Shack (they sell the same model on Amazon but I was needing one that day) and have never regretted that purchase. The difference in quality between that and the standard $4. 99 cheapies one finds at auto stores is significant. Hope this helps. I appreciate all the tips I can get when it comes to electronics. 😀

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