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illy Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 Ounces

I love illy coffee! This purchase was strange. I purchased two cans, one of which was normal illy coffee, the other I have concerns it was fake. The beans looked like saw dust when ground, they did not smell nor taste like normal coffee. Additionally they were all different sizes and shapes, from tiny to large, oddly shaped and off color. I’ve never seen coffee beans look or smell like this. I threw it away. But the first can was great. Thought I’d throw that warning out there. Check it out!

Medium roast coffee beans

illy Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 Ounces Review

Compared to Lavazza Crema, this Illy medium roast is milder and less aggressive as others had mentioned. I am still on the fence whether to keep getting Lavazza or switch to this. I also bought the Black top(dark roast) Illy and I’ll see how it compares. The Lavazza is less expensive and a little bolder taste of coffee. Illy tends to be on the not-bitter/sweet spectrum, but maybe its dark roast is bolder(as one would expect from a dark roast). -Read Reviews-

Normally great coffee, however the last two orders I received had dented cans and the coffee was stale. I’ll only be buying from a store where I can make sure the cans are not damaged.

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