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If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now

These lovely sisters sing great duets with close harmonies, great sound. Check it out!

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If You Lived Here You’d Be Home Now Review


The Nields said all along that this album would be "different", and that’s exactly what it is. They brought in every musician they have ever met to play on this album. They added everything from accordian to fiddle to trumpet. There was no way that this album could NOT be different! But even those people that are a little put off by the differences must find some of the old Nields, that we all love, withen this CD! There’s still that great mix of happy, sad, frustrated, and fun which is what always made Nields music so real to us. And this time they’ve made the charecters even MORE real than before. Many of the songs on the other albums focused on one aspect or one day of the charecter’s life, whereas this one gets into their personality and let’s us really *know* them. It’s like I have been friends with Angela from "this town is wrong" all my life. I feel like I should be the one consoling the narrarator in "wanting", because I really just want to go up to her and pat her on the head and tell her she’s beautiful. "One Hunred Names" makes me want to cry, and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way! I think that it is one of the most beautiful songs that The Nields have ever written, and the extra instruments make it twice as wonderful. This album is very different, and the differences keep things fresh. I can listen to all of The Nields’ CDs and get a different feeling from every single one. In my opinion, this is the "hopeful" album, because in this town, no matter how bad things seem there is always a way out, and always a way home. I also really like the artwork for the CD. It’s fun to pick out the song images in the coverart. And doesn’t Nerissa look a little mischeivious in the picture on the back of the booklet! And in the picture on the back of the CD crystal, towards the far right, are those nuns hanging out by the lampost! Maybe not. Tomorrow I’m packing my bags and moving into the CD, all mail can be forwarded to: "rhiannon@Home" I’ll see some of the rest of you there! -Read Reviews-

I didn’t think it was possible for the Nields to top my previous favorite ("Mousse"), but they’ve done it with "Home". They’ve always dabbled in different genres, folk, country, rock, pop, etc. But this time they’ve gone through the looking glass and come out the other side with their most ambitious CD yet. "Jeremy Newborn Street" has rightly been called "Beatles-esque", "Keys to the Kingdom" is a folk/gospel type piece, "Mr. Right Now" sounds like a lost Bonnie Raitt classic, and covering Hank Williams’ "I’m So Lonesome. .." is of course Country. The key to their versatility is that none of this sounds forced. They are equally at home everywhere. Add to that their wholly original songs like "This Town is Wrong" and "Caroline Dreams" and you have a potent, powerful album. Gorgeous harmonies are always a given with sisters Katryna and Nerissa, and the musicianship of the band has long been solid. What often goes unappreciated is their masterful sense of storytelling. This isn’t just verse-chorus-verse. They set scenes, create characters, and let them loose on the world. They tell great stories which happen to be wonderful songs as well with economy and flair. I’ve liked the Nields since I’ve first heard them live, but on this disk it all comes together.

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