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If I Could Only Fly

This album gave Haggard’s career a boost when he needed it, partly due to its no-frills, just-honest-music approach. The title song, written by the late Blaze Foley is the only tune not bearing Haggard’s name as composer. One of the Haggard "originals", however, is Haggard’s lyrics (Honky Tonky Mama) set to the melody of a song called "Deep Elem Blues" recorded by the Shelton Brothers back in the 1930’s. It is most likely public domain now, so no copyright infringement – but an acknowledgement of its source would have been nice. The title tune is a beauty, and has been recorded again by Kimmie Rhodes in a CD tribute to the composer Blaze Foley. I personally much prefer her version, but Haggard is to be commended for giving Foley’s song the national exposure his music deserves. All in all, this is a good CD and Merle Haggard fans should definitely have this one, both for its importance in his career comeback and for its emphasis on bare bones music-making without the usual big production show-biz approach of major labels. Check it out!

Product description No Description Available.Genre: Country & WesternMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 10-OCT-2000 Merle Haggard is still singing about Merle Haggard, and the results are as compelling as ever. He still writes plainspoken, brutally honest lyrics and he still sings with passion. Above all, he can still skillfully combine them in ways that make the whole far better than the sum of its parts. There is still profundity in his economy of words and there is still an element of mythology in his honesty. If I Could Only Fly changes the man’s perspective to be sure: no longer is he recalling his mama and daddy, his modest upbringing, his wild youth, and his outsider’s fate. Instead, he grapples with aging, comes to grips with familial responsibilities, and learns to appreciate the wonders of home life versus the pitfalls of the highway. He boasts maturity that he was sure he’d never have, maturity that he paid dearly to attain. And while his diminished vocal range may be the cost of age, his singing now carries with it a conviction that is age’s reward–in fact, this sort of tradeoff serves as a perfect analogy. The fact that Haggard has released this record on a punk label really comes as no surprise; if nothing else, it gave him and the Strangers an opportunity to craft a wise, tasteful, minimalist record in the friendly confines of Hag’s home studio. But it’s awfully sad that the country world has no use for Merle Haggard’s hard-earned wisdom. –Marc Greilsamer




If I Could Only Fly Review


When you see Merle on You tube video in his blue shirt sing "If I could only fly" don’t expect it on this album. The instrumentation is nothing like the video and he does not carry the words the way it was done on video. Don’t know if their are any earlier recording of his music with "If I could only fly"? If your buying this album for this song, save your money, wish I had. -Read Reviews-

Wonderful CD beautifully constructed and brings back great memories of Merle Haggard it’s a must for real Haggard collection and thank you to Amazon for working at the United States Post Office they have your packages delivered on Sunday it’s refreshing to see a company who cares about their customers

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