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I Want to Live

I recieved my introduction to John Denver back in 1972. He has and always will be an influentual force in my music and the music I listen to. I had forgotten how wonderful this ablum really was. I wore the grooves off the lp I had owned. John Denver’s writing remains important to all of us who care not only about the world around us but also the people in it. "It Amazes Me" and "I Want To Live" are the two most powerful songs on this ablum. Both are poignant pieces of songwriting. If you are not familiar with Denver’s music please take a gamble and get this recording. I promise you that you will not be dissapointed. Sincerly, David Heckmann Check it out!





I Want to Live Review


John Denver (I call him Henry) had long before realized he was too big for Annie. She knew it, too. His talent, and greatness, superseded any domestic dreams. This is a common reality. -Read Reviews-

I had a copy, vinyl, as a gift in the 80s and just had to replace it.

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