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I Am Shelby Lynne

I’ve replaced my original CD with this CD/DVD set after seeing a couple YouTube clips of Ms. Lynne and her band playing the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve not played the expanded CD (+6) yet, but want to say that the DVD is really worth having and so justifies this package. She opens with a stomping ‘Could’ve Been Better’ before moving into ‘Your Lies’, which with its 12/8 time signature and arpeggiating guitar motif is reminiscent of early 60s pop at its best. Third up is ‘Leavin”, then fifth is ‘Thought It Would Be Easier’, then ‘Gotta Get Back’, so this DVD is bang-bang-bang with great tunes. The inclusion of ‘Witchita Lineman’ is welcome (as is ‘Should Have Been Better’ added to the CD). I’m not a huge fan of some of the music (too country-ish for me), but Ms. Lynne is such a tremendous talent that I buy in on that level (check her out doing ‘Leavin’ and ‘Bend’ on Daryl Hall’s ‘Daryl’s House’ on YouTube – fantastic). My not-so-positive observation is that the band on the DVD – excellent as it is – seems to function on two volume levels – loud and quiet. A bit more dynamic shading would have been nice. Still, Ms. Lynne cuts clearly and overall it’s a really good – and welcome – DVD. Check it out!

Product description 10 songs Shelby Lynne is an anachronism in the best sense of the word. Alabama-born, this twentysomething singer is in love with classic pop and soul, the kind sung by Dusty in Memphis and Aretha in Muscle Shoals. Working here with producer Bill Bottrell, Lynne has fashioned a remarkable album of orchestral epics (“Your Lies”), lazy-afternoon dance music (“Thought It Would Be Easier”), and gorgeous, bluesy ballads (“Lookin’ Up,” “Black Light Blue”). Most of the album’s 10 songs are firmly rooted in the ’60s and ’70s, but Bottrell’s production and Lynne’s still-wet-from-sex voice guarantee that the album sounds time-capsule fresh instead of past-expiration-date retro. While Lynne has made fine albums before–1993’s big-band and Western-swing CD Temptation is particularly good–I Am Shelby Lynne is the best work yet by a singer as stubbornly committed to musical tradition, and as defiantly out of step with country music trends, as another former Nashville maverick, Lyle Lovett. –Keith Moerer




I Am Shelby Lynne Review


This album is mainly a mix of light jazz ~ rhythm & blues, and main-stream pop & alternative. It’s quite a departure from her first 5 country albums. A brief description of the tracks. 1. Your Lies ~ main-stream, pop. 2. Leavin’ ~ ballad, soulful, rhythm & blues. 3. Life Is Bad ~ main-stream, pop-rock. 4. Thought It Would Be Easier ~ rhythm & blues, – light jazz. 5. Gotta Get Back ~ rhythm & blues , – light jazz. 6. Why Can’t You Be? ~ main-stream pop7. Lookin’ Up ~ bluesy ballad. 8. Dreamsome ~ gentle,, bluesy ballad. .9. Where I’m From ~ bluesy ballad, _ “about the Alabama frame of mind”. 10. Black Light Blue ~ bluesy ballad. There’s no country tracks here like she had on her debut release “Sunrise” in 1989and no real power ballads as in her “Soft Talk” album in 1991,but this album shows Shelby’s versatility in several reflective, bluesy ballads. The ten page liner notes contain the words to all the tracks. Footnote: Shelby hasn’t had any chart success since 1995 when one song made the country chartfrom her “Restless” album, so no tracks from this 1999 release are charted singles. However ~ that fact doesn’t diminish the freshness and quality of this collection. -Read Reviews-

In some ways this is the best Sheryl Crow CD ever made, and while that may sound a bit funny, it’s a bit true as well. The songs are above average. And unlike Bill Bottrell’s work with Sheryl Crow here he has someone, Shelby Lynne, who can sing the lights out. Shelby Lynne can twist and suspend notes better than just about anybody working out there today. What she was doing singing country songs for so many years before this I’ll never know because on this CD you can hear her as a first rate jazz style singer. The glove fits. Take Shelby Lynne’s voice and Bill Bottrell’s great production sensibility and you have one fine album. Normally I’m not a fan of “producer vehicle” albums but here it works. In Shelby Lynne, Bottrell found the best talent for his producing skills he ever had. Too bad they never made another record together, because the whole here is way bigger than the sum of the parts.

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