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I Am Not Scared Hardcover – March 21, 2017 by Anna Kang (Author)

Kindle Unlimited, I Am Not Scared is cute, but also cutesy, but when get the chance will look up You Are Not Small, That’s Not Mine. Can I Tell You a Secret? to see if the others ones are the same way. Won this one in a Goodreads Giveaway. Check it out!

Review “The ride is turbulent and frightening as expected, but it’s also exhilarating, and all three readily agree to do it again. Kang’s succinct text sticks to story basics… allowing Weyant’s ink-and-watercolor illustrations to add context and nuance to the tale.”—Booklist”Short, declarative sentences and a large font on white space make this both an entertaining read-aloud and read-alone for emerging readers. Weyant’s art, rendered in ink and watercolor, is appealing and makes excellent use of the large space. A deft foray into facing fears and overcoming them—told with both understanding and humor.”—Kirkus Reviews“Expressive watercolor-and-ink cartoon illustrations on expansive white backgrounds keep the focus.…This is a fun book with a gentle lesson on acknowledging fears and facing them with friends.” —Literacy Daily“The book’s endearing lesson is that if you are going to be scared—and yes, at times we are going to—it is best to be scared together. As far as nighttime books go, this is a keeper. For the child who can conjure up a litany of reasons to be too scared to go to sleep, I Am (Not) Scared could be a sweet comfort.” —The Star-Ledger“Kang and Weyant are fabulous at capturing the emotions of fear and exhilaration as our furry and not so furry friends move from the trepidation of riding a roller coaster to the electrification of a successful ride. Readers will delight in this new book adventure and want to hear it over and over again.” —KidLit Frenzy“The book can open up conversation about fears and how to face them. Because the text is simple dialogue, and the art is fun and cartoony, the book works well for the very young…This fun and funny young book has fuzzy, endearing bears who may be afraid of snakes and wild roller coasters but in the end aren’t afraid of admitting and facing their fears.” —Common Sense Media“Teachers will appreciate these books because they are great for use as beginning readers. Unlike some of the dry, boring beginning readers in classrooms, the books in this series use just the right number of words that will allow kids to read without getting incredibly frustrated. I’d recommend this series to both teachers and parents! I am happy to have all of the books in this series for when my own son begins to learn to read!” —Unleashing Readers“I Am (Not) Scared is perfect for preschoolers and young readers because kids will see themselves in the two friends who learn that there are fun ways to be scared—especially when you’re with a friend. The friends brave a roller coaster with a newfound friend, and let themselves admit to being scared, which brings a giggly kind of relief, doesn’t it?” —Mom Read It“This book (and series) presents feelings in a way that young children can relate to. The books open the door to lots of great dialogue possibilities.” —The Late Bloomer’s Blog“It’s a truly enjoyable read that any preschool or kindergarten library should have!” —Where Imagination Grows“[The] simple text and bright, animated illustrations…are perfectly paired.…Weyant’s expressive characters are at once lovable and easily understandable for young readers.” —Cracking the Cover“So here’s an adorable little book that can help them see that things aren’t always as scary as they seem, and that when you have a good friend they are even less scary.” —The Owl“As a fan of roller coasters, I think the author and illustrator have really nailed this experience.…With humor, sweetness, and delightful artwork, I Am (Not) Scared is a ride we all will want to take.” —NC Teacher Stuff

I Am Not Scared Hardcover – March 21, 2017 by Anna Kang (Author) Review

My kids and I loved this book. I won it on a goodreads giveaway. I’m so glad I did. My kids saw the suggestions at the end and want to read more from this author. The illustrations were wonderful and kept the kids’ attention. This book encouraged discussion about things that make us scared, but if we try things it may not be as scary as we thought. I highly recommend for young readers. It’s also great for beginner readers. -Read Reviews-

Goodreads giveaway winner. Super cute book with good animation. Hey we all have to face fear sometime. Finding a way of overcoming that fear is the key. Great book for the youngsters.

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