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Huzi Infinity Pillow - Design Power Nap Pillow, Travel and Neck Pillow (Grey)

I purchased this pillow for 12 hour flights with the hope it would support my neck, as shown in the video. The pillow only provided minimal help for my neck, once I fell asleep. I ended up only using it as a back cushion! I tried to return it, but found that I had to pay the expensive return postage to China. I would not recommend this product. Check it out!

Product Description Meet Infinity Pillow – the most versatile travel pillow. Take the perfect power nap for restored energy and boosted creativity on flights, layovers and on the road.

Huzi Infinity Pillow – Design Power Nap Pillow, Travel and Neck Pillow (Grey) Review

I use this pillow on all my flights now. Also tried the inflatable across-the-body style, but much prefer this one. It is easy to pack in a carry-on bag or wear on the flight, though it is a little bulkier than the inflatable one. It is worth it. You can use it to support you so many different ways depending on your situation. My go-to airplane seat position is to hang it around my neck like a necklace, then gather the front and pull it tightly around one side of my waist (under my arm), pinning the pillow behind me, providing lumbar support while supporting the other side of my neck. So, if you gather the pillow around the right side of your waist, the traction from the pinned pillow supports the left side of your neck. There are lots of other solutions, but that’s the one I use when I have to sit up. My husband prefers to double wrap around his neck and let his head fall forward a little, supported by the pillow in the front. Plus the fabric is really soft and the whole pillow is machine washable. Nothing is perfect for every body, but this pillow comes close. -Read Reviews-

Okay! This is all that it’s cracked up to be. I absolutely love this pillow. I ended up with a grey color, not my first choice, but I wanted it NOW! All my preferred colors were sold out. Yes, you can use it for everything and it is for everyone. The pillow is not as thick as I imagined, but there is no need. If it were overfilled, it would not be as comfy. I sit in my recliner, or chair with it around me and that’s it. Being only 5 ft tall, I’m finally comfortable in furniture built for average sized adults.

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