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HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes, Unscented, Soft Pack , 72 Count, Pack of 9 (648 Total)

I’ve used Huggies wipes for 6. 5 years and was hoping to simply continue once baby #4 comes (#3 should be just about done with diapers/wipes). It seems that myself and several other reviewers from different types of Huggies wipes are having a similar issue of the wipes not dispensing properly. Having to manually pull apart each wipe is tedious and not very efficient (esp. when diaper contains #2). It results in each wipe partially shredding while trying to (carefully) pull them apart as they’re stuck so tightly together (sometimes using more wipes than needed due to wipes tearing in half at times). Each wipe in the stack isn’t folded under the flap of the next wipe so I can’t use my tub dispenser. Maybe the machines folding them aren’t aligned properly? It doesn’t matter if I flip the stack upside-down or if the tub is full/low they still don’t pull apart/up the next wipe. I haven’t changed anything over the years of having babies and it’s a bummer something changed with these. I’ve gotten a variety of Huggies wipes through subscribe & save for years. I really don’t care for Pampers wipes but I’m using them now only because at least they dispense properly. I never knew how big of a deal it was until experiencing this. I might try these one more time in the next month or so to see if they’ve changed back to dispensing properly. ..just hoping. Oh-well, there are more important things in life. With the good business in life I don’t care to spend my time on the phone with a Huggies rep. Please just FIX this problem and the NEW reviews will reflect that. Check it out!

HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes deliver the perfect combination of convenience and versatility. They are perfect for baby bottoms, and a must-have item for the entire family. Use them to wipe hands, faces, and surfaces — Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes. Available in Fragrance-free and Fresh Scent varieties, HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol and MIT. HUGGIES Simply Clean disposable Soft Packs have a flip lid for easy wipe dispensing. They’re a great solution wherever you go. Choose the right wipe for your family, and the right style for you: Big Pack, Portable Soft Pack, Refill Pack and Pop-Up Tub wipes dispenser.

HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes, Unscented, Soft Pack , 72 Count, Pack of 9 (648 Total) Review

I got these because they were the cheapest (per wipe) option on here at the time I needed them, but I was really hesitant as my previous experience using Huggies wipes was not pleasant. Last time I used them, my now 20-month-old was a newborn, and the wipes were the exact texture of paper towels that had been over-drenched in soapy water. They were awful! They would leave residue on my son that was so annoying I told myself not to get this brand again. The only reason I bought this box today is because we are currently going through a very hard time financially and pinching pennies everywhere, and these were the lowest price per wipe of any available at the time. When they arrived, I noticed the packaging said something like "new and improved" but didn’t think anything of it until after I used them. .. Turns out, they really were new and improved! I was completely shocked to find that these wipes were fantastic! They are exactly like the preferred brand we’ve been using for over a year – gone is the soapy residue and horrible texture. These are clean, wet without being drenched, thin but not too thin. Completely different from the Huggies wipes I’d used a year and a half ago! Back then I remember talking with my fellow mom friends about Huggies and several hated their wipes for the same reasons I had, so I imagine there are a lot of parents out there who are still avoid Huggies wipes because of past quality. So let me tell you, toss out any pre-conceived notions you have about this product! These wipes are so, SO much better than they used to be. They’re excellent. I don’t leave that many reviews but had to let others know that Huggies wipes aren’t awful anymore. They’re actually wonderful! I highly recommend them. -Read Reviews-

I loved the huggies bulk refill packs. These are aweful. They are not folded tissue-style and the next wipe doesn’t "pop up" behind the other. The wipe edge sticks down against itself and is near impossible to see or feel. You have to dig around to find EVERY. SINGLE. WIPE. Not great when you have a squirming, kicking, and sometimes screamin baby that is doing their best to get pee/poo/diaper cream all over the place before you can finish wiping them down and get that baby butt contained!

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