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Hudson Baby 5-Pack Hanging Bodysuit

These bodysuits are not as fitted as the Carters or Gerbers onesies – the material is a bit heavier/thicker and they are easier to get on and off. Good for a baby who doesn’t like outfit changes – makes the process go more quickly and smoothly. They either run a bit large or the cut is simply different but either way I like them as a different option once in a while. Loose around the middle, and legs are kind of high cut, they are a little big to wear with pants so she just wears the bodysuit on its own. For reference, in the pictures she is about 10 pounds. Check it out!

Hudson Baby 5-Pack Hanging Bodysuits are cute baby clothes of 100% lightweight cotton for the softest touch on your baby’s gentle skin. Bodysuits are essential to any baby’s wardrobe, and these bodysuits are so comfortable that they can be used as underwear or even on their own. Assorted with printed designs and sayings, available in boy and girl designs.

Hudson Baby 5-Pack Hanging Bodysuit Review

These are super adorable and I love the design on each onsie! Not the greatest of fabrics and there were so many plastic tags connecting each onsie to each other and every onsie had a large hole or snag left in place when I carefully removed the plastic. I complained to the seller because they were not small holes and all in the shoulders so very noticeable and they offered me a half price refund. I just feel like if companies are going to sell online the should double check each product before shopping them out. I sort of appreciated their gesture but it also felt like I shouldn’t have complained that every single onsie had holes in them, lol. Anyway, super cute designs. -Read Reviews-

5 Short Sleeved Bodysuits

Snap Crotch for Easy Diaper Changes

Machine Washable

100% Cotton

We received these and they are beautiful!!! daughter is 12 months old and about 20 lbs. I know she always wears a size smaller so I ordered 9-12 months and they are still HUGE!!!! Not a tad larger, I truly mean huge. Unless The company put the wrong size with a wrong size tag so it’s just a mistake we received. ..? I am not sure. In any case I am still trying to figure out whether to keep them and order another at a smaller size or just return.

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