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Hub-Caps for Select Ford Fusion (Pack of 4) 17 Inch Silver Wheel Covers

The hubs caps fit great on my 2011 Ford Fusion and were easy to install. Besides the "Ford" emblem not in the center of the hub cap they look just like an oem part. Check it out!

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Hub-Caps for Select Ford Fusion (Pack of 4) 17 Inch Silver Wheel Covers Review

I bought hubcaps from Won Lane earlier this year and they fit perfectly. However, a few fell off (not the fault of the product) and ordered them again, but received different hubcaps this time — instead of securing from the lug nuts, the new hubcaps secure by clicking onto the tire rim. This itself isn’t an issue — but now the arms of the rim don’t match up with the arms of the hubcap, and the tire valve is fully obscured by the hubcap — not good. I called customer service to see if I could get the same hubcaps I bought previously. The woman on the phone was extremely difficult to understand (she sounded half-asleep), and she said she wouldn’t be able to help me — the only thing I could do is return the ones I just purchased. -Read Reviews-

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These look really nice but there are a few key differences between them and the stock hubcaps. 1)They do not clip on using the lug nuts (like traditional Ford hubcaps) but they clip onto the wheel itself. 2)These look like they will cover Ford’s 5 spoke wheels perfectly but they do not. Instead they are almost the exact opposite and the wheel shows through the open hubcap holes (if you align it with the air cap), which makes it look more like a hubcap and less like a rim as Ford intended. Overall I do like them and they look real good, despite #2. I needed them because my lug nuts were swollen and had to be replaced. Instead of buying expensive Ford lug nuts, I went with generics and saved a ton of money (DPAccessories D3116-HT-2305/20 20 Chrome 12×1. 5 Closed End Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts – Cone Seat – 19mm Hex Wheel Lug Nut). The problem is that OEM Ford hubcaps connect by special lug nuts that Ford sells. So I needed ones that connected by the wheel which made these perfect (almost at least). If these had aligned to the wheel like the OEM hubcaps, they’d be 5 stars but they work and do look good. So if you are in a similar situation like me and don’t won’t to fork out big bucks for Ford lug nuts, these are a good alternative that hook to the wheel directly.

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