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Houses Of The Holy

Another reviewer said the re-mastered version was too trebbly and to buy the original. The re-master is a little treble-heavy, but I wouldn’t seek out the original. I listened to the two on headphones and thought that the remaster has: – Removed audible hiss – Removed some vocal distortion – Added clarity to the thicker parts of the mix – Balanced/boosted the volume some (esp. The Crunge) – Made the acoustic guitar intro to Over the Hills and Far Away a tiny bit “thinner” – Made Plant’s voice a little more trebbly in a way that’s sometimes mildly annoying (the end of The Crunge or Dancing Days). The differences between the two CD releases are very subtle. A little bit of wow and flutter may have been ironed out as well, but it’s subtle enough that I could be imagining it. If asked to tell which one I was listening to without being able to hear them side-by-side, I probably couldn’t tell unless the track had audible hiss. I really can’t say one is better, just different. A great album, definitely buy either version. Check it out!

Product Description One of the most varied Led Zep albums, and, not coincidentally, one of their finest, with the gentle Rain Song and humorous D’yer Mak’er balancing off the crushing Dancing Days and No Quarter . From 1973. Robert Plant once said that a chunk of the Zep catalog was "music for hippie bookstores." While much of Houses of the Holy thumps hard enough to knock the incense holders off the speakers, the generally upbeat vibe makes this a great choice for playing on the first (dancing) day of spring, windows flung wide open as Jimmy Page’s lead lines soar out over the neighbors’ rosebushes. Plant is at his most lovey-dovey here, whether updating Chuck Berry on "The Ocean," extolling the virtues of his Page 3 girl on "The Crunge," or writing greeting cards for that patchouli-scented side-street shop on "The Rain Song." In a word: grand. –Rickey Wright




Houses Of The Holy Review


I realize it is somewhat presumptious to say it, but I believe the best rock music critics have to at least give serious consideration to the idea that Houses of the Holy is Led Zeppelin’s Magnum Opus. I think I was a HS senior when this album came out. I don’t recall the month of its release. At any rate, I was a senior when I walked into the record store in Arvada Plaza (in Colorado) and bought it along with Dark Side of the Moon. I played the hell out of it. The Rain Song is quite possibly the most beautiful song performed a rock band I have heard in my lifetime. I am not someone who uses dumb pop-psychology phrases like “in touch with my feminine side” but I get watery-eyed whenever I hear The Rain Song. It may also be that any music that reached into you, as it were, during your teens, stays with you forever. .. -Read Reviews-

This CD arrived 2 weeks early and though not wrapped as new appears new! I forgot how good this music is. I feel almost like I’m 18 again. Talk about bringing back memories of cruising Hwy. 101 in my VW bus with surfboards on the top. My kingdom for my youth again! This CD is magic. I can actually play some of these songs on my guitar. Not as good as Page of course.

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