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House of the Rising Sun: A Novel (A Holland Family Novel) Hardcover – December 1, 2015 by James Lee Burke (Author)

Unlike other popular fiction writers who, as time passes, become formulaic and predictable, Burke is continuously improving his amazing skills. His ability to create images and scenes, his dialogue, and his ability to explore the battle between good and evil, external and internal to his characters is simply unparalleled in current fiction. This story centers on Hackberry Holland, grandfather to the Billy Bob Holland of earlier Burke novels. The time frame is Texas in the early 1900’s. Hackberry is an ex-Texas Ranger who, as most Burke heroes, is a complex individual who lives by a simple code of right and wrong, but also struggles with internal demons that lead him to situations that inflict pain on both himself and those he cares about most. This story centers on his quest to save his son Ishmael, a veteran of World War I who has suffered grievous wounds. Ismael believes, incorrectly, his father had abandoned him as a child. He is being held by an extraordinarily evil character that will stop at nothing to get something from Hackberry that he believes is his. It is a rich and complex story, an epic tale of right and wrong, justice and injustice. It is a story that you can’t put down. Check it out!

Review “The well-paced action features the usual men at play with fists and guns, but Burke also offers three strong women with pivotal roles, one of whom could be a match for any of the tough guys. Burke [has a] sure hand for crisp dialogue and a compelling story…” (Kirkus)”Two-time Edgar winner Burke sets Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland the task of protecting a precious artifact (is it the Holy Grail?) from a string of villains, including an Austrian arms dealer who sets his sights on Holland’s son Ishmael, who serves in the US Army; Burke does not disappoint.” (Boston Globe)“Readers of best-selling Burke’s novels about the Holland family (Wayfaring Stranger) will gravitate to this prequel featuring the well-known and notoriously cantankerous Hackberry Holland. The large cast features complex and compelling characters, and the action deftly builds to a roaring boil.” (Library Journal)“Stunning… Crisp dialogue highlights this tale of redemption and the bonds of family, and the breathtaking conclusion is one that readers won’t soon forget.” (Publishers Weekly (starred))”Burke wins us over yet again with another fusillade of lyrical, deeply moving prose that makes us feel the beating hearts of all his characters, demon-wracked though they may be.” (Booklist (starred))“James Lee Burke’s finest literary work to date, cementing his reputation as one of America’s all-time masters.” (New York Journal of Books)“Mr. Burke has crafted another epic tale in an unforgettable landscape about an imperfect man’s search for redemption. Once again, every member of the sprawling cast of characters, minor to major, makes an impression, and rings true…Mr. Burke’s novels always offer a compelling story.But, the reader is rewarded with a multitude of haunting themes that run deepand wide. Pick and choose the ones you wish to explore. They are skillfully andnon-intrusively woven into the narrative. But these layers are what always elevate a James Lee Burke novel above any genre tale.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

House of the Rising Sun: A Novel (A Holland Family Novel) Hardcover – December 1, 2015 by James Lee Burke (Author) Review

Wow, there are some tough reviews of this book here. I can understand some of the points that have been made by reviewers and agree with some of them. While I must admit that I am a Dave Robicheaux fan first and foremost, I don’t mind Mr Burke’s other work. His characters have a way of enveloping you in their lives to a certain extent and there is very much the theme of redemption prevalent in the books. In this novel, we have Hackberry Holland who is a former Texas Ranger and sometimes drunk, who gets involved with a nasty villain and his plans on some possibly ancient artifacts. The book covers a number of time periods and gives us some strong female characters and a main character who is possibly the most flawed hero in Mr Burke’s books. I must admit that I thought the book was a smidgen long, might have been reduced by 10% without losing too much of the story line but I am sure the author knows what he is doing with what he writes. It may be me but the violence in the books seem to be increasing as the years go by, occasionally I find the passages to be a bit over the top and getting close to becoming grisly and unworthy of a James Lee Burke book. I wish Dave would come back as he has always been my favourite Burke character but the author is writing a trilogy of these books so his next book (due end of August 2016) will conclude that story and (hopefully) get us back to Dave. Not a bad book by any means, worth your time in reading perhaps more for the strength of the female characters. -Read Reviews-

I’ve been a Burke fan for many, many years but this book is terrible! Very disapointed! None of the characters are like able OR believable–especially Hack! The dialog is horrible–nobody consistently talks around each other like these characters do! The driving scene toward the end of the book is especially ridiculous!! Nobody, not even a crazy person would act like Hack and the "driver" did!! Burke began to go downhill for me when he tried to "sell" (in a prior book) Clete’s daughter as some kind of mean "mama jama". That didn’t work and neither does ANYTHING about this book!! Too bad! Burke used to be number one with me.

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