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Hour of Need: Scarlet Falls, Book 1 Audible – Unabridged Melinda Leigh (Author),

If you enjoy long, drawn out chapters filled with character background, details, and feelings, feelings, feelings, then this book is for you. If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller, you should pass. I will admit, I was interested in the characters and developing story, but the meandering writing just took too long to get anywhere. I kept skimming pages looking for something to actually happen. (aside from the initial problem)I hate to give a scathing review, but all the high ratings had me excited that I’d found a new author. LOTS of romance building but not enough movement to keep me reading. Check it out!

Hour of Need: Scarlet Falls, Book 1 Audible – Unabridged Melinda Leigh (Author), Review

The blurb is so well written that there’s no need to bother anybody with my own recap. The plot was multilayered and unraveled gradually, offering a well structured suspense part with several twists. Despite the many and different layers, no loose ends remained, which led to a harmonic and rewarding suspense part. The main characters were likeable, although I would’ve enjoyed a deeper and more detailed character development for the leads. I think it’s rather unusual to know as many details about the hero/ine as about the secondary characters. In any case, the subcharacters were interesting and added an additional flavor to the plot. The book offered a lot of detailed descriptions, which were often useless or even superfluous. Especially since these didn’t help to create atmosphere. Sometimes the style reminded me of a report, not a suspense romance. Anyhow, this lack of ambience was the biggest drawback of the book. In any case, this was an entertaining book and a nice time filler. -Read Reviews-

I enjoyed the mystery. But really someone is threatening to kill you and your family and all you can think of is sex.

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