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Horowitz Plays Beethoven Sonatas

Folks will argue in other reviews whether or not this is the best Horowitz recording of all time, or the best Horowitz recording of this music or the best Beethoven recording ever. What I can tell you is that although I know many of these pieces well, having played them for decades, I am consistently surprised and delighted by Horowitz’s performances. Technical brilliance is a given, as this is Horowitz, after all; but, he brings out deep meanings that makes this recording a worthy addition to any library. Check it out!

Product description Horowitz Plays Beethoven Sonatas Vladimir Horowitz’s coiled virtuosity and volatile temperament suit the heroic side of Beethoven’s middle-period output. The legendary pianist recorded the Moonlight and Waldstein Sonatas in the comfort of his Manhattan living room. His incisive power in the finales and artful voicing in the Moonlight’s famous Adagio easily transcend the dry and constricted mono engineering. The Appasionata, on the other hand, was taped at Carnegie Hall in stereo. A tinge of caution hovers over the outer movements, in comparison with the pianist’s equally febrile but longer-limbed 1972 remake available on Sony. Perhaps Beethoven was ultimately an acquired rather than a natural affinity for Horowitz, yet dozens of so-called Beethoven specialists would give their eyeteeth for one speck of Horowitz’s individuality. –Jed Distler




Horowitz Plays Beethoven Sonatas Review


A wonderful recording. -Read Reviews-

Horowtz’s talent is beyond descriptions, so I will keep this short. I am a lover of all music and have had a fondness for classical since childhood, to meet me it would surprise you, but especially Beethoven. A must have.

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