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I bought this disc after it was mentioned by a cd-phile friend of mine. I enjoy some of the new country rock sounds of the 90’s (Wilco, Jayhawks), so I thought what the heck-a-doodle. I really enjoy this new CD. Rouse seems genuine in his delivery. I also think this is a pretty solid listen all the way through, which can’t be said for many albums. My one dislike of this cd which isn’t a strong dislike at all, is the addition of some over done breaks by the Lambchop extras who played on this recording. At times the horns and noise that pops in disturbs the simple beauty of some of the songs. I am to understand that there are somewhere around a dozen people in Lambchop- each trying to be heard I am sure. I would much rather that Josh remain the foremost presence in these songs. I look forward to seeing where this talented man goes in the future. This is a great sophomore effort. I have listened to this about 2 dozen times already and still it remains fresh to me. Check it out!

Product description 2000 album from talented US singer/songwriter recorded in Nashville Nebraska-born Josh Rouse calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. And now, after writing songs for the follow-up to his intimate 1998 debut (Dressed Up Like Nebraska) from the confines of his living-room couch, the twentysomething singer-songwriter decided “Home” would be a fitting title here. Backed by a cache of cello, violin, horns, vibes, and Wurlitzer, Home delivers a newfangled punch without jumbling the simplicity and gentleness that was the first record’s charm. Rouse’s sentiments, emotions, and melancholy drift more on the folk or country side of songwriting. But his pleasant, whispery vocals and hook-filled melodies–especially on “Hey Porcupine,” “Afraid to Fail,” and “Marvin Gaye”–convey more of a pop spirit. –Scott Holter




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I commented in my previous review of “Nebraska” that the singer Rosh Rouse can most closely be compared to is Ryan Adams. Adam’s music is ok and I never was a huge fan, but his music may be a bit more polished than Rouses’. Rouse writes some great guitar hooks and uses some horns, violin, some slide guitar, and a little piano that give his music it’s alt-country feel. “Laughter,” “Directions,” and “Afraid to Fail” are catchy pop songs, while “Parts and Accessories,” and “And Around” are two of the best slower numbers. This may be a little bit over-produced and is nothing revolutionary, but is a solid cd filled with good music. Worth a shot. -Read Reviews-

I just bought this album and I can’t stop playing it. I heard Josh for the first time at Denison University in Ohio last year. Although the crowd did not do him justice, I am glad that I had the privilege of being introduced to such a genuine musician. I am a big fan of "Directions," "Laughter," and "Hey Porcupine. " His plan is definitely "safe from laughter. " His lyrics are simple, yet poignant. ..his voice is never strained and the quirky lyrics provide a sense of comfort.

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