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Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

After deciding to scale down the vehicle I drive I was faced with the reality that I just cant throw a bike in the back and go for a ride. .So, I read all the reviews of sedan style trunk bike racks in my price range. I was willing to shell out 60 USD for a rack. I had never heard of Hollywood Racks before but was impressed with the reviews as well as liking the fact that it`s a Calif based company. Unfortunately the rack turns out to be made in Taiwan so that was a bit of a let down. .But hey, not much is produced here anymore, so. ..The Hollywood Racks E2 is a fairly light weight and sturdy little rack. It took a while for me to get the hang of keeping my bike secure but after a few hits and misses I found the correct angle for my car using the adjustable hubs. I`m driving an 08 Hyundai Elantra. It works like most other racks of its type. Figure out proper angle for your vehicle, adjust hubs, attach the top 2 straps and hooks to the top seam of your trunk, attach the bottom two straps and hooks and to under the bottom part of the trunk ( you might have to keep trunk open to do this,) tighten all 4. Mount the bike (heaviest bike always goes closest to the car,)Use the rubber cradles to secure the bike,take the 5th strap and tighten all around bike. I had some trouble figuring out how to make sure the pedal doesn`t hit the car. I decided to put an old sock over the pedal and angle it so it`s right beneath the license plate. I also decided to use addl. bungee cords to keep the front end of the bike from turning freely and possibly hitting the car. ..Once all these issues were squared away I took a test run with no problems, then the next day took the car into town for a bike ride. No problems whatsoever. The rack feels sturdy, my car doesn`t seem to be scratched and the rack does what it is supposed to do. ..I haven`t tried it with two bikes so can`t review that part of the Hollywood Racks claim that include 2 bike capacity on the E2. I suspect that in time I`ll be able to rack this baby up in about 8 minutes or so. . Right now it`s taking a bit more time. .So, I`ll give the rack 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to others. . Unless I find out something which I`ll post if it comes up. .PS, I needed some info and called the company. They were helpful and pleasant so that`s always a bonus for me. . Check it out!

The Express 2 is an economical three bike trunk rack. Fits most vehicles with easy-to-use adjustment tubs and six attachment straps. Soft rubber bike cradles help protect bike’s finish. Comes fully pre-assembled and folds flat for easy storage. Features: Easy to adjust Will not damage your vehicle Pre-assembled 3-bike trunk rack with user-friendly hub adjustment system Soft cradles help protect bike finish; comes pre-assembled Integrated tie-down strap for extra security on the road Designed to fit perfectly on any type of vehicle Folds flat for easy storage; limited lifetime warranty

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Review

Rotten product. This rack scratched the crap out of my black 2014 Honda Accord. I was very careful to install correctly and have plenty of experience with bike racks, yet one of the lower foam pads split straight up the middle during my 200 mile drive from Phoenix to LA making it so that the metal rack was rubbing straight onto my car’s surface. Hollywood Rack’s defective padding single handedly cost me nearly $1,000 in resurfacing and paint on my less than 1 year old car. This is a rotten product. Unless your car is already dented and scratched or you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle, keep looking for an alternative mode of bike transport. -Read Reviews-

Easy to adjust

Will not damage your vehicle


Bicycle rack; holds up to two bicycles; attaches to the trunk of your car

Easy-to-use adjustment hubs and four attachment straps ensure secure fit

Integrated tie-down strap provides added security; soft rubber cradles protect finish

Made to fit most vehicles; folds flat for easy storage

Comes fully pre-assembled; covered by a limited lifetime warranty

Today was the first time I put this rack on my 2007 Charger and transported two bikes. I was slightly skeptical of the straps, thinking they may loosen up on the road, but, after approximately 25 miles (mostly on the freeway but also a mile or so on a “washboard” dirt road), the device worked very well—one strap had only slightly loosened but was still holding solidly. Okay, it’s a month later. ..I’ve used this rack to transport two bikes to nearby trails around town maybe six times since I wrote the above review. I’ve gotten to where I can attach it to the car and load/secure the bikes in under seven minutes. I can unload the bikes and detach the rack (for stowage in the trunk while we’re riding) in under five minutes. Not once has any strap come loose. This thing works great so far. April 01, 2013–Took this 130+ miles on the freeway–it worked perfectly: the rack had not moved at all and the straps were as tight when I arrived at my destination as they were when I left home. After unloading the rack and stowing it in the car trunk, and going for a ride, I again strapped the rack onto my car and loaded it up with two bikes and drove the 130+ miles back home–and again the rack and straps were as tight when I arrived as they were when I started the drive. I would recommend this rack to anyone.

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