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I ordered this backpack two years ago and never reviewed it. The reason I’m reviewing it now is that I’ve just decided to order a second one. Not because anything has happened to the first, but because of how well the first has held up. My boyfriend and I are frequent travellers and we always use backpacks. We stuff them full and heavy and expect them to hold up for our entire trip. My backpack (which was fuchsia and black a color no longer carried) has held up to 8 to 10 different vacations where we normally visit 8 states or more in each trip. It’s been stuffed under plane seats, stored as checked baggage, stored in overhead compartments, been through countless security checkpoints and thrown in so many trunks and back seats. It’s survived the extreme heat of an Arizona summer and the cold wet of an Outer Banks winter (not so freezing but still wet and sandy). I’m writing this review now because I’m about to pack it again for another 8 state 10 day trip and I realized that we needed a second one. My boyfriend has gone through at LEAST 5 backpacks (I remember that two were Jansport and one was an expensive Swiss Gear backpack). The zippers always break or snag. Every zipper on my backpack works just fine. So I decided enough with the crappy backpacks that always frustrate him so much and I looked up my 2 year old Amazon order and purchased him one exactly like mine but in black. He’s a little harder on his stuff but if mine has held up to being battle tested over the last two years then hopefully his will at least last him a few trips. Side note, when I bought this backpack it was cheaper, but I’m buying a second one at a higher price because I am so sold on this pack. It has never given me one issue (knock on wood). The photo I’m including was taken moments ago. This is an actual photo of my two year old backpack. The neon yellow is a little dingy after being used for two years but I promise that’s the only wear on the thing. I DID NOT recieve any discount on EITHER backpack. I’m just hoping nothing about the manufacturing of the pack has changed in the last two years. If anything on the new one gives after this next trip I’ll come back and update my review, but for now 5 stars all the way. Check it out!

High Sierra designs feature-rich, versatile adventure lifestyle gear for adventurers everywhere.We’ve committed ourselves to creating durable, affordable productwith distinctive details, delivering the freedom to go anywhere

High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

Six months after I bought the High Sierra Loop Backpack, one of the shoulder straps started ripping apart at the seam, and the zipper to the front pocket had broken off (the backpack was gently used). I think the high ratings for this backpack may be due to early user experiences. This backpack (my copy of it at least) isn’t very durable. Note, too, that I bought the backpack from Amazon direct, NOT from a third party seller. I’ve had JanSport backpacks that have held up to *years* of heavy use. If you’re looking for something more durable, you might want to spend a little more to get a JanSport or a The North Face backpack (both of which are renowned for their quality and durability). You may, however, opt to buy this backpack anyway since this backpack has received mostly positive reviews and my experience may be an isolated instance. Here are the specifications to help you decide whether this backpack is right for you:Compartments———— 2 Side PocketsEach of the two side pockets has an elastic band and see-through mesh netting. Each pocket is an ideal place for putting a water bottle, a pair of hiking poles, or even a tripod. I use one of the pockets for a camera tripod and the other for a water bottle when I’m out shooting. 3 zippered compartmentsThere are 3 other zippered compartments besides the main zippered compartment. 1. The largest of the compartments (located in front of the backpack) has lots of pockets for putting your calculator, cell phone, stationery, etc. It has plenty of room; it will fit 3 or 4 small paperback books, just to give you a rough idea of its size. There’s a hook for attaching your keychain too. 2. The topmost compartment has an opening for threading the wire of a pair of headphones/earphones through so you can listen to music while the MP3 player is safely stowed away in the compartment. Water-Resistant LiningThe insides are lined with nylon, which makes backpack water-resistant. o NO Hydration CompartmentThe backpack is NOT hydration compatible (i.e. you can’t use it with a hydration bladder — without modification at least). There is no pocket to hold a hydration bladder, and no outlet for the tube from the hydration bladder. I did modify the backpack by cutting a small hole in the pocket of the topmost compartment so I can thread a hydration tube through the hole, and then through the opening (meant originally for the wire of a pair of headphones/earphones). Still, the lack of a pocket means the hydration bladder can slump over, which will interfere with the flow of water from the bladder to the tube. Size—- The High Sierra site lists the size as follows:Size: 19. 5″ x 14. 5″ x 8. 250″Capacity: 1949 cubic inchesIt’s a bit bigger than the smallest backpacks but not too big. Personally, the size of this backpack suits me *perfectly*. I wanted a backpack with plenty of room to carry the essentials but not one that is over-sized and clumsy. Straps—— Shoulder StrapsThe shoulder straps are very comfortable even with a heavy/fully-loaded backpack. It has an elastic pocket for putting your cell phone so you always have your cell phone within easy reach. Bottom StrapsThe bottom of the backpack has a pair of straps for strapping on additional equipment you need to bring along. Side Compression StrapsThe side compression straps can be used in tandem with the side pockets to keep your stuff safely secured. o NO Sternum Strap & Waist StrapThis backpack has NO sternum strap (also known as a chest strap) and NO waist strap. For full-on hiking, this backpack may not be the ideal choice. If you’re hiking for long periods, you *need* to have a sternum strap for keeping the shoulder straps in a position on your shoulders most comfortable to you, and you *need* a waist strap to distribute some of the load from your shoulders to your waist. —The High Sierra Loop Backpack is a medium-sized backpack that has plenty of pockets. You can use it for school, camping, and light hiking, or as a general purpose daypack. -Read Reviews-

100% Polyester

Large, multi-compartment design

Dedicated tech spot tablet computer sleeve (12.5 x 11 x 0.75 in)

Dedicated media pocket

Attach extra gear with monster hook and bottom straps

Adjustable side compression straps

Pockets: 11 interior slip, interior zip, 7 exterior, ID windows, card slots

I am about to be a freshman in college and was wanting an upgrade from my Jansport Trans backpack that I used for approximately 5 years. When I receieved this backpack, I was absolutely awestruck. I was looking for a backpack that would be comfortable and fit and carry at least my 15in Macbook Pro, iPad Air 2, a binder, a folder, calculator, pencil pouch, and a few other items I may deem necessary. The backpack is very durable and actually felt quite comfortable carrying all my items and didn’t seem as heavy compared to my other backpack! I loved the gray and black colors as I was wanting something clean and simple but not just plain black. Overall, I give this backpack a thumbs up and would HIGHLY recommend. I can’t wait to use it throughout my college journey! 🙂

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