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Higglety Pigglety Pop!: Or There Must Be More to Life Hardcover – May 22, 2001 by Maurice Sendak (Author, Illustrator)

This is one of Maurice Sendak’s lesser-known books. Jenny, the Sealyham terrier, has everything, so she runs away from home to find adventure. And find it she does! When she gets a job as a nursemaid, she has to make Baby eat. “NO EAT! NO GROW!” says Baby, and Jenny is doomed to be eaten by the lion who lives in the cellar. Instead, she winds up as the leading lady of the World Mother Goose Theater. At every step of her adventure, Jenny eats — and eats — and eats. The illustrations follow the text perfectly, and are placed so that the adult reading the book aloud can finish a page, turn it around to show the child, and then go on. This was one of my children’s favorites, and I recently bought it for my friend’s grandson. I know he’ll love yelling, along with Baby, “NO EAT! NO GROW! SHOUT!” Check it out! Review As a tribute to his dearly departed pooch, Maurice Sendak wrote this odd little tale in 1967 about Jennie, a Sealyham terrier who is not content with having everything but must go out in the world to find something she doesn’t have. Right off the bat, she comes across a pig wearing sandwich boards advertising the need for a leading lady in the World Mother Goose Theatre. Jennie leaps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, the position requires someone with experience, so she sets off to find it. One hungry lion and a stubborn un-hungry baby later, Jennie definitely has experience, if nothing else anymore, and off she goes to play the leading role in a nursery-rhyme-turned-theatrical-production: Higglety-pigglety pop! The dog has eaten the mop! The pig’s in a hurry The cat’s in a flurry Higglety-pigglety pop! This dreamy, slightly dark story, illustrated in Sendak’s renowned pen-and-ink style, tells of a gluttonous dog’s transformation from someone who cares only about her next salami sandwich to one who would risk her life for a weaker being (while still wondering where that next sandwich is coming from). Caldecott Medal artist Sendak is the brilliantly quirky creator of such classics as Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen. (Ages 5 to 9) –Emilie Coulter

Higglety Pigglety Pop!: Or There Must Be More to Life Hardcover – May 22, 2001 by Maurice Sendak (Author, Illustrator) Review

This is such a cute and strange tale of a little dog named Jennie who has all that she could possibly wish for, but is unsatisfied with her life as is so she searches for more. The dream-like journey brings her to some odd characters and situations, but at the end she finds the happiness she never could have imagined. My 4. 5 year old loves any Maurice Sendak story, no matter how unusual, and this one makes him smile and laugh at Jennie and her adventures. -Read Reviews-

Hard to accept the idea of the book. That Jennie, a dog Maurice Sendak loved, but who did not love him, still does not miss him after she dies. Unique perspective on loss. As an animal lover I found it sad. A short tflm with the same title is available on the blu ray release of Where The Wild Things Are. It’s better than the book.

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